OPINION: Bread Roll Anyone?

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Editors Note: Stuart Agnew is a UKIP MEP for the East Of England and it’s Agriculture Spokesman. 
A vegan will never knowingly eat food where natural animal life was treated badly in its production. Really?
Consider the humble bread roll. It all starts with the plough and the hundreds of following seagulls savagely tearing innocent worms from the soil. The seed is planted and the farmer finds himself obliged to poison the nice slugs that devour the young seedlings. Shortly afterwards he notices heavy grazing by sweet bunnies and sends his tractor driver to gas the burrows.
Meanwhile his organic farming neighbour is running a seven meter tractor rake through a crop of 9” wheat killing and injuring little fledging birds and adorable baby hares. Back on the conventional farm our man is indulging in mass genocide of aphids on an industrial scale and accidentally killing other bystander insects in the process. This is all done so that there is a crop to harvest.
Bad luck to the sleeping moths lovely ladybirds and charming earwigs that get traumatically swallowed by the combine harvester to meet the 1100 rpm spinning bars of the threshing drum, crushing them against the steel concave. If they survive that they are buried alive in the grain tank. A little later, near the farmers grain store, cuddly rats and mice die by the score after consuming rodenticides.

Bread roll anyone?

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3 Responses

  1. Anthony Taylor says:

    Oh God, you have just presented those fanatics with even more ‘ammo’!

    Once they get ‘into gear’ on this one, we shall all be left to survive on the ‘FRUITS of LOVE’ – so long as we do not throw the skins out of the window, cos’ they will choke the ducks !

  2. Chris FAREY says:

    Yaaargh!! Don’t tell ‘m that! They’ll start campaigning to save that lot as well. Let ’em have their Utopian illusions while the rest of us continue in the real world.

  3. Dave says:

    Very true.. It also gets to the supermarket on big trucks that kills at least twenty thousand birds every year in the UK. I was once told that extreme buddhists cannot even kill them selves in case they have parasites that will die with them… I have a fix.. we can eat vegans.

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