Brexit Betrayal March: The First Small Stride Of A Big New Grassroots Movement?

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Editor’s Note: The author, Alan Craig, is UKIP’s Spokesman For Families And Children.

Everyone was against us. But in the event, it was our opponents who were on the losing side.

When UKIP leader Gerard Batten and activist Tommy Robinson announced that a joint ‘Brexit Betrayal’ march was to be held on 9th December, heavy opposition came immediately from fellow Brexiteers in the Leave Means Leave camp. First out of the LML stocks was previous UKIP leader and now Brexit establishment figure, Nigel Farage.

Ludicrously, Farage claimed our march could undermine efforts to defeat the Prime Minister’s pathetic Withdrawal Agreement in a vote to be held in the Commons two days later. “I know what will happen,” said the pint-swilling former man-of-the-people. “(The march) will be full of skinheads and people with tattoos to the eyeballs. They’ll all be drunk before they get there, there’ll be punch-ups and God knows what. Brexit will look like a bunch of far-right football thugs and I’m absolutely disgusted by it.” The first Euro-fanatic out of the Remainer stocks was Labour MP David Lammy who called for mass mobilisation against the rally. “We cannot allow this agenda of hate to be on our streets,” he urged his followers. “Fascist and racist supporters of Tommy Robinson will be out on the streets of London supporting the Brexit no one wants.”

A hard-Left coalition of Unite Against Fascism, Stand Up To Racism and the Muslim Council of Britain didn’t miss the opportunity to call their hard-line Antifa supporters onto the streets either. What they have to say about both UKIP and Tommy Robinson is unrepeatable. John McDonnell, Labour’s shadow chancellor, asked all Labour Party members, whether Leave or Remain, to join the party’s Momentum organisation on the streets to counter the “poison” of “far-right activist” Tommy Robinson. He fatuously compared Labour’s opposition to our Brexit Betrayal rally with the famous 1936 Cable Street battle of Jews and others against Oswald Mosely’s black-shirted fascists in London’s east end – which battle, history tells us, the Labour Party adamantly refused to support at the time.

Even the pro-Brexit pro-Tory Daily Telegraph promoted the “racist thugs” narrative. Under the headline “Met police fear violent clashes over march by far right ‘Brexit Betrayal’ militants”, the newspaper reported that “Anti-fascist groups, religious leaders and trade unions and have urged thousand s to gather to oppose the Brexit Betrayal march which they say will be used as a cover for racist and Islamophobic thugs to intimidate ethnic minority Londoners.”

So the whole political class – left and right, Brexit and Remain, political parties, activist groups and mainstream media – was ranged against us, which as far as I was concerned was a great place to be, pregnant with opportunities.

It was what I anticipated when I first proposed the idea of a Brexit march to Tommy in mid-November. The chasm between the out-of-touch political elite and the ignored everyday citizen has never been wider, and one purpose of combining the forces of UKIP and the Tommy Robinson movement is to highlight the gap and energise the latter.

Tellingly, when 9th December came, the militants, violent thugs and hate-fuelled fascists were found only amongst the counter-protesters, while our Brexit Betrayal rally was a huge and entirely peaceful family-friendly affair.

If you doubt this, watch these videos of the Brexiteer march from Marble Arch and rally at Whitehall here . And see Farage’s prophecies of doom and drunkenness fail here.

I was the compare on the podium in Whitehall outside Downing Street and can attest the police were so satisfied with the peaceful nature of our rally that they allowed the event to overrun so that I could complete the packed programme of speakers and music. We publicly thanked the police and finished with patriotic choruses of Rule Britannia and the National Anthem.

Contrast this with the thuggery and fighting with police that took place amongst the counter-protesters here.

Of course the mainstream media was overwhelmingly silent about their violence. The BBC and Sky News said nothing. The Tory-supporting Daily Telegraph and Labour-supporting Daily Mirror gave it not a column inch. Only The Independent whispered that three counter-protesters were arrested.

Would the media have been mute if the violence had been perpetrated by our marchers and three UKIP members and/or Tommy supporters had been arrested? Of course not. It would have been headline national and European news. The media bias against us is blatant and downright dishonest.

When it came to numbers at the rival rallies, the establishment media gleefully trumpeted the counter-protesters’ overblown claims. Labour’s Momentum reckoned in The Times that 15,000 opposed us and that they outnumbered us 5 to 1. Stand Up To Racism, gloated like demented narcissists over the major front page coverage it was given by its friends in The Guardian, while Unite Against Fascism claimed online that Tommy Robinson had been “humbled” by the size of the counter-protest. Yet more organisations declared a “victory” for the Antifa forces through contrasting the numbers of attendees, some claiming that we had as few as 1,500 at our rally.

But these calculations came from the Diane Abbott school of mathematics and were spun straight out of the Alastair Campbell school of untruth.

It is evident from the videos that our Brexit Betrayal march attracted huge popular support. My personal estimate based on conversations with more experienced marchers and my view of the crammed crowd which stretched from the podium on Whitehall where I stood, down into Parliament Square, is that 10,000 turned out. Kipper Central calculated that 17,000 were there to support Brexit.

Although the counter-demonstrators managed to persuade themselves and their friends in the media echo-chamber that Tommy Robinson and UKIP had suffered an historic defeat at the hands of the courageous forces of anti-fascism, the truth was very different.

Indeed, their desire to claim a victory was so shrill, desperate and visibly unfounded that they vividly exposed the growing anxieties of the political class that they are losing their grip. Following the Brexit referendum and with the rise of Donald Trump in the US, Matteo Salvini in Italy, the AfD in Germany and the Yellow Vests movement in France, the political elite are seeing their hegemony across the UK, Europe and the West disintegrate and have good reason to be anxious about their future.

The rally was successful not only in numbers, enthusiasm and the peaceful nature of the marchers, but also because it was the first opportunity for UKIP and Tommy Robinson to work together and start to mobilise the voiceless grassroots of middle and working-class England.

This successful cooperation must became the first small stride of a new UKIP- and Tommy-led anti-establishment movement that can only grow as it catches the rising tide of public anger against the out-of-touch political class.

Roll on 2019!

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  • 3.3K
  • 3.3K

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8 Responses

  1. Marilyn Catling says:

    A pleasure to read, and a pleasure to be part of. UKIP I hope will go from strength to strength in the coming year. There is simply no other party that speaks for true British patriots, and we deserve to be represented…….all 17.4 million of us.

    • Anthony Taylor says:

      Marilyn, there is one other party, ‘ For Britain’, as you probably know, its roots were founded in the intransigence that ‘was UKIP – Elements of which are self evidently ‘Still’ present!

  2. J.L.Kay says:

    The real fascists in this country are the politically correct liberal ‘elites’ and the Socialists under Jeremy Corbyn, especially Momentum, who are NOT traditional Labour supporters but Communist apparatchiks. Let’s start telling the truth about the REAL state of affairs in this country and ignore the BBC, the Guardian and the Independent, all dewy-eyed Socialist organisations, whose members ought to acquaint them selves with 20th century history, or at least read ‘1984’.

    Socialism/Communism has never worked in any state in which it has been tried and never will work, except in the minds of fanciful dreamers who inhabit the corridors of the BBC or the Guardian. The MSM are in the main, with the exception of the Daily Mail, lying tossers who wouldn’t know the truth if it came up and bit them on the arse.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Without doubt the march was a success to our cause. The Police, if they were allowed to comment, would also testify to the ‘family good nature’. It is always a worry when any outfit or individual shoots themselves in the foot, but I guess this is one such moment where UKIP and Tommy can turn away with a grin on their faces ! (UKIP and Tommy together. – Whatever next ?) !

  4. Alec Yates says:

    Well done Alan for compering the stage event, my one criticism would be about the sound. Can we not provide a live feed from the mixer to the video people instead of them having to pick it up from speakers!

  5. Alex says:

    I was there on Dec 9th. The first time I had been in London for over 18 years. I had never wanted to go there again but the lure of the march was too great. I’m glad I went. I met some great people and had a great time.
    As for trouble, I didn’t see any.
    As for Drunks, I didn’t see any.
    As for tattoos . . . so what? If the surgeon saving your life has tattoos, are you going to ask for a different surgeon?

  6. Naomi King says:

    I was there … Alan is right, it was a beautiful, friendly affair. The old school English so to speak. Rule Britannia is what I say.

    If you want to understand how the LEFT controls us read Robin Aitken’s two books, ‘The Noble Liar – How and Why the BBC Distorts the News to Promote a Liberal Agenda’ and ‘Can We Still Trust the BBC ?’ Both available on Amazon. Essential reading for ALL Ukip members

  7. Aelfred says:

    UKIP and supporters, all those genuine patriots who care about their families, country and way of life. Keep up the good positive work be, proud of yourselves and you willingness to stand for what is right and good. And to stand up to betrayal, oppression and EU totalitarianism. Stay wise to any entrapments in questions, answer with facts. Anyone who supports genuine full Brexit as voted by 17.4 million is a friend of mine. Whether they are in the party or not. Please keep checking the UKIP main site and spreading the news and events. And visit the shop.

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