LEAVE THE TORIES: UKIP Launch Recruitment Drive Aimed At Brexiteers

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It is about the time people are pondering what New Years Resolutions they are going to make. One of them, if you are a committed Brexiteer, should be to leave the “institutionally Europhile” Conservative Party says the UKIP Twitter feed:

2019 will be a crunch year for Brexit. Treason May’s sell-out deal will face Parliament on January 14th. It is by no means certain that the Tory ‘Rebels’ will line-up to defeat the deal. All the media chatter over the festive period has been of ongoing ‘peace talks’ between Jacob Rees-Mogg and Mrs May and, of course, JRM expressed his confidence in her just before the Parliamentary recess kicked in. So, don’t be at all surprised if she narrowly wins the vote and Parliament commits the ultimate act of betrayal against the British people.

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  • 1.3K
  • 1.3K

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14 Responses

  1. G Wilson says:

    It’s not going to work. People might well leave the Tories, but most won’t risk finding themselves in the party of the founder of the EDL.

    Batten has toxified UKIP beyond recovery.

  2. mary says:

    Voters naively threw away most of their chance of Brexit at least a decade back, by voting in the Tories, then by trusting the Tories to conduct an honest referendum and implement the result. It was never going to happen as the Tories are a totally europhile party and, as accomplished con artists, the biggest stumbling block to leaving the EU. There was never a quick fix, as voters have now found to their great loss. The ONLY hope was to have voted in a party committed to Brexit who would have repealed the 1972 act immediately, no referendum needed. For all its faults most of which were probably caused by Tory saboteurs, – UKIP was the only party answering that description. But voters turned their noses up at us. so now we are where we are. I bet the twerps will continue in droves to support the Tories even now. Even though the Tories walk and quack like marxists. I don’t see how Batten has toxified UKIP, everything he has said is the truth.

  3. Aelfred says:

    Wilson you are wrong. You should remember those poor Scandinavian women and what happened to them. Well that and other atrocities have already happened in England. T. Robinson is there to advise in that area. Gerard has saved UKIP and is helping wake the nation against the Brexit betrayal. Remember the 17.4 majority who voted for Brexit were votes from UKIP and lab/lib/con and others who had just had enough of the EU. They saw the truth in what UKIP was saying and in the experiences of their daily lives.

    UKIP has an excellent manifesto for national and local politics.

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    2019 will be the year that proves if we have a Parliament, worthy of the name, and if Democracy is still alive in this Nation !
    Mrs May has been given a full year without further challenge, due to her inept Tory Party’s handling of trying to get rid of her. In fact they have shown that they are not a Party of Government at all, and I never thought I would find myself saying that !
    Mr Corbyn’s so called Labour Party is not an alternative home for our vote. What do they stand for ? – The answer is anything, if there are votes to be had ! TO FILL THIS VOID, UKIP WILL HAVE TO PROMOTE ITSELF, without internal arguments !

  5. mary says:

    That’s the negative news. The positive is that people all over Europe are rising up against the globalist powers that be and the old tired corrupt self serving parties like the Tories, who are wrecking Europe and Europeans’ lives. Batten is in tune with this trend, which TPTB so sneeringly call “populist.”

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Mary, the big joke is yet to arrive. In this country, the EU formed upon the foundations of lies, and therefore is bound to fail. EU finances are a mess, with accounts not being signed off for a couple of decades. When it fails it will be interesting if any EU knob repays their expenses, all I know is that when it happens I want us to be well out of it. Gone ! Out ! Clear ! ….. It’s only fair that Lord and Lady Kinnock are not embarrassed, well not at their age !

      • mary says:

        When it fails, UK taxpayers will have to foot a very large part of the bill, so the joke will be on us unless some miracle gets us out first. Of course the Remoaner Project Fear doesnt mention this.

  6. Pauline says:

    Voting UKIP is the only option!

  7. Aelfred says:

    I agree UKIP needs to promote itself. It has nothing to be embarrassed about far from it. Hopefully those few that left will see we are on the same side. So if they want to come back please do. Take heat in the increasing numbers who are joining UKIP and supporting it. UKIP must remember it is the peoples party. It has members and voter s of all the lab/lib/con and others who have never taking an interest in politics until the realised the state of the country, how we the people are being treated, ignored and betrayed. I say to genuine patriotic conservative and labour voters come over to UKIP. Its the only party that actually cares about you and not the careerist politicians.

  8. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Get on board and read our Manifesto.
    Laugh at the lies told about us by the other Parties, and the main stream media.
    Don’t just wait for the next General Election. JOIN U.K.I.P. TODAY.
    Unshackle your pride in our Nation. Let it be seen by all. Build today with U.K.I.P. for a bright independent British future.

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