The EU Rhyme

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I’d like to wish a Happy New Year to all Brexiteers and every single democrat who respects the vote of June 23rd 2016,  to leave the European Union.  2019, I have no doubt, will bring a momentous moment to our nation – and be the start of greater things to come.

Here is a little humorous poem about the E.U. (I hope it gives you a giggle)!

I have no doubt that the sun will be shining so brightly when we exit the EU’s prison, that we may have to wear sunglasses, permanently!

The E.U. Rhyme

Old Juncker – with his “wobbly” legs
Keeps tripping on the stairs,
The thought of this drunk twit in charge
Is giving me nightmares!

Verhofstadt with his silly specs
Throws tantrums every day,
Because the U.K. said: “Let’s leave!”
And he can’t get his way.

There’s boring Tusk – who looks so glum
A power-hungry freak,
Who sends me to the Land of Nod
Each time I hear him speak!

Wee Rompuy Pumpy made me laugh
Nigel showed up that fool,
‘He’d stop the traffic in Beijing…??!!’
I doubt he would in Poole!

I know why this dire E.U. “club”
Is based in Brussels now,
It’s just like its main vegetable –
The whole place stinks most foul!

Our parliament is filled with prats
Who wants us to “remain;”
The more I think about this, I
Believe they’re mad: INSANE!

An unelected bunch of crooks
In charge of you and me,
All cashing in at our expense;
Brexit will set us free!

That French frog, Macron, throws a strop
He should give it a rest,
And sort his own country out, quick –
Prevent the Yellow Vest!

Big Merkel – with her Face of Doom
I was told by this bloke,
‘Has been seen in public smiling’
… Or was it wind she broke?!

Warmonger Blair, the smarmy git
Thinks this “project” is great,
But after his poor government
The country’s in a state.

They say “The Young” don’t want to leave,
But pop over to Spain,
Or Greece or Italy my friends –
And feel the youngsters’ pain.

The Common Market was a con
This E.U. “Super”state,
Is causing people to rise up
But it is not too late

Our hard-fought referendum’s knocked
The first brick out the wall,
More countries will get their chance, soon
And down the thing shall fall.

A continent of nation states
Free trade – improving life,
Is on its way, I do believe;
This feeling must be rife…

On Freedom Day next year, I think
Us Brexiteers will smile,
For every step up that steep hill
Has been more than worthwhile.

We took on The Establishment,
The People’s Army: won,
The mist and fog is clearing fast
Shine bright, soon, will our sun.

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  • 213
  • 213

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5 Responses

  1. Chris FAREY says:

    Excellent! Well put.

  2. Peter Dawson says:

    Great idea – don’t give up the day job just yet though – see this to the end – and when we’re free of EU bile – we all can celebrate!

    Long live the UK – vers le bas avec l’UE

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Thanks for the EU Rhyme. You have touched upon our secret weapon, Humour ! Europeans don’t understand it, but when we get hit with adversity, out comes the humour, to be followed with grim determination. Government by UKIP please !

  4. Alec Yates says:

    Happy New Year to you Steven and thank you for the rhyme which made me laugh especially the verse about Merkel.

  5. J.L.Kay says:

    When did you last see Muslim immigrants having a good laugh? (Except at old newsreels of the Twin Towers). At least Jews and Christians have a sense of humour and can poke fun at themselves.

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