OPINION: UKIP’s Year Of Transformation

Gerard and Tommy would "wipe the floor" with Remoaners says Lord Pearson.
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It is hard to believe that this time 365 days ago Henry Bolton was UKIP Leader. ‘MarneyGate’ had yet to break (although it was already brewing behind closed doors) and Bolton at least presented a temporary illusion of stability after one of the longest leadership contests on record which was equally as bitter and divisive as it was long.

However, there was little improvement in the polls nor membership. It had not recovered from the defining mistake of investing trust in the Conservatives to deliver Brexit and, perhaps unwittingly, losing it’s soul in the process. What is more, in saying the blue team could be the agency for delivering Britain’s freedom it implicitly made the case for its own retirement to the knackers yard. After-all what truly could be said to the point of UKIP is the Conservatives were not only capable but willing to deliver on its primary mission goal.

People forget this hopeless sense of drift. Bolton was never really that inspirational. He went on prime time political tv to talk-up his grand ambition to ‘de-claw’ UKIP. Hardly inspiring stuff. As the year has wore on it has become increasingly clear that the British people need a UKIP with claws more than ever. Gerard Batten did more than save the Party in the narrow organisational sense of the word. He restored its sense of pride and purpose exactly at the time it is needed.

Critics of Batten insist that UKIP has become somehow ‘disconnected’ from Brexit and the Brexit cause. However, they have singularly failed to see how the trajectory of events is taking Brexit off a cliff-edge and how the road to it has narrowed substantially. Parliament is, albeit slowly, strangling Brexit to death and 2019 is set to be the year it finally runs out of air.

Lobbying Parliament as some kind of ginger group simply won’t cut the mustard anymore. If anything, it has become a hot-bed of resistance to Brexit and could well next year wheel out the referendum weapon to start firing on Brexit. The situation has changed, this is not 2014. You can’t win Brexit entirely the way the referendum was won. Slowly, but surely, that avenue is being closed down, the establishment is seeing to that, the more they lose control the harder they clamp down in an effort to impose it.

Whether people like it or not we have to be creative in our tactical approach. Whatever you think of him or his politics, the movement behind Tommy Robinson is a key strategic ally in the battle for Brexit. It’s energy and Tommy’s reach right into the heart of the alienated working class communities that powered the referendum victory is not something either UKIP or Brexiteers can simply ignore, that is if they are serious about winning what amounts to a war for independence. Similarly, UKIP’s transformation into what Gerard Batten calls a ‘true populist Party’ is a necessary one.

Freedom movements win when they are as adaptive and creative as the establishment that opposes them. Refusing to adapt, to think that just because something worked once it will work again exactly in the same way is a sure-fire way to guarantee defeat.  Passing by and dismissing potentially powerful allies because there are elements in his past that make us feel uneasy or we are not entirely comfortable even with his current mission is to commit the sin of pride. Pride is a luxury we simply cannot afford especially with the odds as heavily stacked against us as they currently are. Winning this war requires UKIP to complete the transformation it started this year not to travel back in time and assume that the same strategies that worked yesterday will work well for us today or even tomorrow.


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19 Responses

  1. Stanley Cutts says:

    Wise words Darrell. Unity is certainly what is needed – and that includes ALL organisations who believe in a clean, simple BREXIT. That was what the county voted for and that is what we should all be working towards. Let’s not forget this basic principle – our enemy’s enemy is our friend !

    • ogga1 says:

      Good post by Darrell, their genuine big fear is a Batten / Robinson link, I cannot see
      in TRs passed what he has done so hideously wrong ?

      Who among the critics without sin, please step forward.

  2. John says:

    Well said Darrell, we must transform from a single issue pressure group into a proper populist party with real and popular policies!
    Gerrard is doing that!

  3. Marilyn Catling says:

    Totally agree Darrell. The way forward is clear, to become the populist party for the millions who want to restore Britain to her former glory. It’s beginning all over Europe, and must succeed if we are to remain democratic and free. I recently read something that made me sit up and think………”you don’t notice your chains until you try to move”. The EU has us in chains and we must break free in March next year.

  4. Aelfred says:

    Good article. I fully support Gerard as leader and trust in his decision making, insight and capabilities. I have tremendous respect for all UKIP staff, activists, members and supporters. And knowing what my relatives did during the war and what our country went through I will not stand by and see us enslaved to the EU and its megalomaniacs. T. Robinson and others have shown courage to go through what they have, to reveal the true nature, actions and aims of Islamic extremism. Something the establishment has gone to great lengths to cover up and hide from the public with extreme prejudice.

  5. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I can’t find anything to disagree with in this Darrell.
    Our priority has to be the unity of the Brexit groups.
    Tommy Robinson is seen as a problem by some groups, but not by me and many more.
    So when is Tommy going to be welcomed into UKIP ?
    This must now be handled with urgency, so that all our guns can be trained upon Brexit !

  6. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    SO, DO WE WANT BREXIT OR NOT ? ….. Are we all so petty minded, as to elevate Mr Robinson’s membership, or the drift away from UKIP of Independence Daily, to form barriers between Parties or little groups of Brexiteers ?
    If this is the case, then we may as well face facts. We are stuffed ! British Independence is stuffed with us !
    WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU ? ….. There are differences. I want Tommy Robinson as a member of UKIP. I will correct Independence Daily when they suggest that UKIP has left the field of battle. I fall into line with Gerard while he powers in line with Brexit !

  7. Helena Windsor says:

    In Surrey – and across many parts of the country we took a tremendous hit in resignations of good, loyal activists who had put in hours of time canvassing and delivering literature, running street stalls and serving as branch officers when Gerard announced Tommy as his adviser.
    I defended to the hilt criticisms of our support for the campaign to free him – and events proved me right. UKIP should be defending free speech and speaking out against USSR style trials. There seems to be a cohort in the party that just don’t get how much damage this association has done to us, who fail to appreciate the importance of perception. Resignations (overt ones as opposed to non renewals) abated after Brexit march passed peacefully but I have just had notification of another resignation in response to my new year greetings email and potential recruits among those angry at May’s withdrawal agreement faded into thin air after seeing the Tommy/Gerard bromance. Twitter is littered with Brexiteers who now claim they are politically homeless.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      The answer Helena, is for this Tommy Robinson question to be put to the membership. Interestingly, at the start, I thought Tommy was a bit of a yob, but I then took time to read and listen to him, and blow me backwards, he was saying what I had been thinking ! Gerard did the correct thing with him, and the Muslim question is fact, and should not be hidden from, as some Brexiteers seem to be doing. That is one of the reasons why I am a Brexit man, PLUS a member of UKIP ! I don’t rubbish any religion, but I have checked the Bible and Koran, and have found that Islam is no ‘Religion’ at all ! It is Mohammad’s well worked Insurance Policy, now in its fourteenth century !

      • John Ferguson says:

        The answer Mike, was already considered & a politically astute decision to defer the issue taken by the NEC. All the leader had to do was accept that & respect not only the letter of it, but the spirit of it. Fact is he chose to flout it & undermine the collective policy decision taken by his own party’s governing body. So, in impatient pusuit of this one pet project, he provokes carnage amongst the ranks of not only the party’s elected members, but its longstanding branch officers, candidates & loyal activists. These are the experienced foot soldiers every political party needs to function effectively. People can march, scribble on the internet & sign petitions till the cows come home, but it’s all politically hapless stuff. So, in this regard Helena has quite correctly identified the self inflicted damage that has been done to the operative infrastructure & effectiveness of the party by this impetuous, needless, counterproductive, ham fisted action. Furthermore, to date, it would appear all the heroic personality cult followers, religious crusaders & keyboard warrior types, crayoning all their Tommie claptrap on here & elsewhere from the comfort of their front rooms, appear to be very reticent at coming forward to replace those who have already left, to do all the party political donkey work needed, to have even the remotest chance of furthering anything they espouse. That’s the reality.

        • MIKE MAUNDER says:

          First of all John, please understand that I am not point scoring against you or any Kippers. We all have our freedom of opinion, and long may that continue. That freedom surely should be accepted for Gerard too. His opinion of Tommy is understood and agreed with by me, and many more. Tommy’s membership of UKIP is presently in hand of the NEC but I don’t think a censorship of our leader’s friendships can be helpful. The matter was challenged before the NEC by Nigel Farage, which I found disappointing, and the NEC made the correct decision. Matter closed !

    • Mark Kingsley says:

      May I presume you were a supporter of Henry Bolton? If so, how was he helping to make UKIP more electable and ‘popular’, if I can use that term? When you compare what Gerard Batten has done over the last 10 months, did Bolton do any better, or worse?

      • John Ferguson says:

        The……oh so you must be a supporter of Henry Bolton accusation, as a response, to what I am sure is an entirely accurate report from a branch chairman, is just so much childish peurile internet warrior codswallop. Those facts, however unpalatable to your own train of thought, reflect the simple reality that clearly very many people do not happen share your opinion.

        • Mark Kingsley says:

          It seems you are making the very presumptions that you are accusing me of yourself. I was not “accusing” Helena Windsor, I was asking if her, actually, IF she was a Henry Bolton supporter. Maybe I should have worded it better. I think you will find that there is a lot more support for Gerard Batten’s leadership and Tommy Robinson’s somewhat limited involvment than you think. I accept the fact that some members/ex members find this unpalatable. However, as you seem to be speaking for Helena Windsor, please can you answer my questions? Or maybe even Helena could answer them?

  8. Aelfred says:

    Originally I come from Surrey. The truth is that many more are still joining UKIP up and down the country. I believe any who think they are ‘politicly homeless’ are not because UKIP is the only party that is fighting for true Brexit. I don’t get on with some relatives but they are still my family and my loyalty is to them. So I believe that anyone who is a true Brexiter should stick with the only party that standing up for true Brexit, the party made the referendum possible and that is on the rise again. UKIP is the peoples party of all walks of life no matter what class someone perceives themselves to be. I don’t care if someone comes from the labour party, the liberal party, the conservative party or any other party or no party at all. As long as they are true Brexiteers and support the true full Brexit , which we the majority voted for, which was made possible by UKIP. Then I welcome them. And party membership has certainly increased well. There is no quetsion about that. The fact is true Brexiteers who want Brexit need to vote UKIP. I believe these good people know this.

  9. Marilyn Catling says:

    Perhaps these politically homeless UKIP supporters should not judge until they have listened to Tommy Robinsons Oxford Union video on line. When you understand exactly what drives him, your opinions may change. There are so many politicians who have dark hearts, and been too clever to get caught….and many more who have been caught out, but forgiven, Tommys naivety was used against him for YEARS. He has a good heart, is fiercely loyal to his country and has been used by the corrupt establishment as a figure of hate. Nothing could be further from the truth, which is why Gerard Batten and Lord Pearson are proud to know him. Perhaps those who refuse to be associated with a Party that embraces him should look to their own hearts.

  10. Stanley Cutts says:

    Helena, I understand your consternation and disappointment, but there are risks in creating a broad church such as UKIP, where you will always have dissenters – one way or the other. In making any policy decision, some people will agree with it, some will not. So, arguably, when the decision is made, the fringes of each persuasion will throw their dummies out of the pram. The good news is that , as a result of the final decision, others outside the party may be attracted to membership. Personally, I think that whatever the final decision on Tommy Robinson, UKIP should bind together behind that decision. Presently, you have disagreement between the Leader of the party and its NEC. They can’t both be right – so it should be a membership issue (i.e. a mini-referendum!). That way, the party, and its senior figures can get on with the main task – the delivery of a clean BREXIT. To continually procrastinate is the worst of all worlds.

  11. Howard Keating says:


    UKIP Surrey should be speaking out against the nationwide gang-rape of children; just like Gerard and Tommy are, and now UKIP is nationally.

    The ‘resigners’ in Surrey are behind the curve on this.; as, so disappointingly, is Nigel Farage.

  12. Aelfred says:

    I fully understand peoples first apprehension about T.Robinson. But please read his books. Watch his Oxford union video. We UKIP members chose Gerard as leader and it was the right choice and still is. Gerard has already sent out emails explaining the situation and process in place concerning T.Robinson and his advisory roll. So we all know how things are so lets get on with our roll of achieving full Brexit. Let no one distract true Brexiteers from our task of achieving full Brexit. They will try to undermine us and plant discord amongst us. We must be the better people the better party. All those who voted for Brexit need to come together and work together. We have so much in common.

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