CONSPIRATORS: Cross-Party Talks To DELAY Brexit

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According to reports this morning, cross-party talks are taking place to ‘delay Brexit’ IF Treason May’s Withdrawal Agreement is voted down.

The Observer reports: Cross-party talks have been under way for several weeks to ensure the 29 March date is put back – probably until July at the latest – if the government does not push for a delay itself. It is also understood that cabinet ministers have discussed the option of a delay with senior backbench MPs in both the main parties and that Downing Street is considering scenarios in which a delay might have to be requested from Brussels.

It is impossible to know if this is accurate or a story put out by the May camp to support her favourite narrative that the vote on January 14th is a choice between her deal and no Brexit at all. Indeed, it is notable this report has come out on the same day that May flunkey, Dr Liam Fox, has said that whether there will be Brexit at all if the deal goes down is apparently “50/50”.

What we can say for sure that the Conservative MP for Crawley, Henry Smith is correct to point to the powerful voices within the UK establishment looking to thwart the British peoples desire for Brexit and what is more they are on the move……


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  • 806
  • 806

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6 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Delay with, or worse, avoidance of Brexit, will make Guy Faulks intended explosion of Parliament pale into insignificance !
    WHEN WILL THEY LEARN ? People are elected as MPs to be the voice of the majority who elected them. I know that this is over-simplification, but it is the core value of Democracy. ARE WE STILL A DEMOCRACY OR NOT ?
    Those who stand for election, must have a degree of integrity. Their first duty is to the majority of their constituency, rather than to a Party. If their Party breaks with manifesto or democratic value, they can always resign the Party whip !
    If this Government and the Opposition cannot be trusted with the decision of the people, which by the size of referendum interest was the largest of votes, then it is up to the people to replace them with folk who are up to the job. I SUGGEST UKIP AND SIMILAR !

  2. eric johnson says:

    i’m sick to death of these bent b…… prolonging this crap. we voted OUT, they asked for our opinion and we gave them a resounding OUT. what is so hard about doing the the job of getting us out. have a vote in parliament, lets find out HOW you vote then we can go from there. if they don’t want to vote, get them OUT and let someone in who wants to . if they think we will get p….. of with waiting, they are wrong. the next thing is, somebody will blow that s…. hole they call parliament up.

  3. NickC says:

    Delay is what Theresa may is good at. I tend to think (about 60% probability) that she will get her Draft Withdrawal Agreement through Parliament. The reason? Parliament is full of Remains – 500+ to about 100 Leaves. She is herding them by heading off the prospects of a second referendum (even though she would have another referendum if it suited her) on one side, and by threats of a “no deal” Brexit on the other side. Like sheep they will be herded into supporting her. Unfortunately as everyone knows (including lying Mrs May) her DWA is a revolving-door Remain.

    All we can do is – NOT give up.

  4. Aelfred says:

    Liam Fox is as untrustworthy as they are. Full of double talk and U-turns. This has long past the upholding of democracy and representation. The establishment original betrayal plans to stop Brexit failed so now it is doing its worst to ignore the democratic mandate of the majority. It shows lack of integrity of the lowest order. The mindset of criminal gangs. It is the UK MPs who wanted countless clauses added and to the EU withdrawal bill, which actually before that was quite short. They did that to add as much red tape and time as possible in order to delay and betray. We should have been out by now. But that is not what the remainers want.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Aelfred, what has been a big question to me for some time now, are the Grandees of the Tory Party. They are the ‘Silent Money’ that back the Party, and the invisible folk who steer the Party. They have been around for many years !
      Generally those people will all want to remain in the EU, but they are showing themselves up as being totally incompetent, as their wishes are at the cost of the Conservative Party’s future, and their own ‘Power behind the Throne’ !
      It is worth note that they could well be backing the EU Parliament, and discounted our own domestic Parliament. JUST A THOUGHT !

  5. Aelfred says:

    Mike I agree. The money shifters pull the financial strings of the Tory party. Feet in parliament and the EU. If we achieve the peoples demcoctatic mandate of Brexit, will the grandees realise they need to back another horse?

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