GERMAN SUPERSTATE RISES: German Military Considers Recruiting EU Citizens

Image: U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Benjamin Wilson
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Germany will consider recruiting EU citizens to its army from the 27 other nation states, the country’s defence Cheif has said.

German Army General Inspector Eberhard Zorn said that amid a lack of specialised skills in the nation’s military, they would “look in all directions in times of a lack of qualified personnel”, including EU citizens.

General Zorn said that recruiting EU citizens to serve in the German military is “an option” to be considered, though initially, this would only be for specialist roles such as doctors and IT specialists.

“Of course the Bundeswehr needs personnel”, Zorn added; the army has to “push hard for a suitable new generation” in order to recover from the lack of soldiers and funding in recent years.

UKIP leader Gerard Batten said that Germany’s shortage of home-bred soldiers is a result of Merkel’s consistent support of a more powerful European Union.

“It’s no surprise that Germans don’t want to join Germany’s armed forces,” Mr Batten told Kipper Central, “EU membership means the destruction of nation states’ identities and loyalties; so who would they be joining up to defend, the Fatherland or President Juncker’s EU?”

He added: “If European citizens had a clearer view of what their armed forces were for they might be more inclined to join. But our current leaders think it more important to spend our taxes on housing and providing benefits for millions of migrants from around the world than on defending their own citizens.

After years of under-investment and a shortage of willing troops, Germany aims to increase the size of its armed forces by 21,000 by 2025, which is now expected to include citizens from across the EU, including British armed personnel.

Germany’s Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen said last week that the nation’s army already employs 182,000 uniformed soldiers, though this is set to increase to 201,000 in the next seven years.

Describing his “mixed feelings” on the weakness of Germany’s military, Batten told Kipper Central: “On the one hand, we should want Germany to fulfil its NATO obligations, on the other hand, as an Englishman, I feel somehow safer that Germany’s armed forces are undermanned, underfunded, and unfit for action.”

“If Germany doesn’t have fit for purpose armed forces,” he continued, “the British can at least console themselves with the feeling of reassurance that brings.”

The German Funke newspaper group reported that the German government have already approached other EU nations with the proposal and that they were mostly “cautious” about the idea, especially in Eastern Europe.

The move would defy post-World War 2 laws set out to prevent a repeat of Nazi Germany’s takeover of Europe, which state that German troops must be German in order to serve in the country’s military.

“Britain’s armed forces have been deliberately run down,” Mr Batten told Kipper Central, “so that they can be merged into the EU Armed forces we were told were a ‘fantasy’ but which Mrs Merkel now says we must have.

“If Britain had leaders with any vision or guts then the would immediately implement Brexit, restore our armed forces, and initiate a review of the fundamental purpose of NATO in the current geopolitical climate.

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  1. Chris FAREY says:

    What next I wonder? Merkel migrant call-up to swell numbers ? An army of muslim immigrants confronting their muslim brothers on a battlefield over dominance in the middle east? Or another kerfluffle defending Israel? What could possibly go wrong…………

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    One thing is for sure, it won’t be the German Army, definitely they will be going into Red Frau Merkel’s EU army without a doubt.

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