RECORD BREAKER: 2018 BREAKS All Records For Kipper Central

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Kipper Central has had a phenomenal 2018.

  • We were viewed a shade under 1.8 million times. In 2017, we were viewed 421,940 times. 
  • Just over 1.2 million visitors were clocked up this year compared to 241,695 in 2017.

We would like to thank all the writers and contributors this year who have worked hard to make this success possible. However, our biggest thanks are reserved for you, the readers, who have given your time and in many cases money to us and it is to you that this achievement is dedicated.

However, we will not be content with this and will be looking to grow further in 2019,  a year which is set to bring new challenges both for Brexit and UKIP. Kipper Central will rise to meet these challenges but we can only do some with your continued support.

To all our readers, we wish you a prosperous and a very happy new year.

Support Kipper Central

Kipper Central is here to spread the real news with the British and global public, without political correctness and without lies.
However, we are an extremely small team each putting in several hours a day, despite none of us having full-time jobs.
We, therefore, rely on the kind support of our readers to keep reporting on the stories that nobody else will and to keep promoting what is truly happening in Britain and across the world.

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  • 43

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4 Responses

  1. Deborah A Lovell says:

    Happy New Year everyone, it can only get better after 29th, March.

  2. Aelfred says:

    Thank you and well done kipper central and all of UKIP. Happy New Year to all.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    This OAP has learnt through his life, that anything which is wanted and needed, has to be worked for. Also, when the opposition is very set on not allowing something, it has to be met with rigid determination, and if needed, force !
    Our history lists our victory upon the likes of the King of Spain, Napoleon, The Kaiser and Hitler, and so I am utterly certain that a group of silly old farts in Brussels will not get their way with us. Not now ! Not ever !
    Their only weapon is our home grown traitors and idiots, and WE can deal with them at the ballot box. UNIFIED BELLIGERANCE NOW !

  4. Alec Yates says:

    Congratulations Reece and the figures for 2019 will I predict be even better. I have stopped looking at the former UKIP Daily as it has ceased supporting UKIP so it is Kipper Central only for me now. Happy New Year to all true UKIP members and supporters.

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