VANGUARD OF ISLAMISATION: Batten SLAMS ‘Crazed Terrorist’ Who Attacked Manchester

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While most of us were enjoying New Year’s Eve celebrations last night, one Islamist took it upon themselves to once again terrorise the people of Manchester.

In what was clearly an Islamist attack, a man shouting shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ and pro-ISIS slogans went on the rampage at Manchester Victoria station and stabbed three people, a police officer and two train passengers both in their 50s.

UKIP’s Leader, Gerard Batten condemned the “crazed terrorist” who carried out the attack, and also the mainstream media for continuing to be deliberately vague about the motive for the attack:

It is worth asking a few questions of the mainstream media. If there is no problem inherently within Islam then why does it need to be afforded such protection?

Why can they not just be honest about what motivates attackers such as these? The answer clearly appears to be that they know there are problems inherent to Islam that they have to conceal and leads them to engage in these smoke and mirrors to protect Islam from honest and clear scrutiny.

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  • 3.8K
  • 3.8K

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13 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Well done Gerard. Be aware that you have spoken for this Kipper ! The old Parties are all too implicated with Islam to make any anti-Muslim comment. This ‘Crazed Terrorist’ probably thought he was doing the will of Allah, and that is a thought that should be a worry to a real Government or Opposition. Islam is not a ‘religion’, but it is dangerous drivel that should be dealt with urgently !

  2. Deborah A Lovell says:

    I agree, about time a politician called this for what it is, now we need to know which mosque he was attending and who he was mixing with, in the meantime deport all his family back from where they came from, no messing about with these evil killers anymore.

  3. IAN HENSMAN says:

    The sooner we start to rattle the cages of these animals the better. We will soon have to cauterize society to get rid of this cancer.
    If those Muslims who mean well and are prepared to accept our laws and customs will learn to stand up to the scum and if our authorities do their bit as far as upholding the law as we have it and the rest of us abide by the better

  4. John Rutherford says:

    UKIP needs to be a revolutionary movement to safeguard the public against migrant crime. Hostels for the homeless and recruit those who are veterans or can be trained to form patrol groups. Homelessness in our diverse cities is a national disgrace. Leicester has a tent village of mainly white men living under bridges. Many are ex services and/or made homeless by divorce

    • ogga`1 says:

      There are a great many untapped pro UKIP resources out there, the VATs are very pro Batten and carry many supporters, also Tommy Robinson , keeping in mind upsetting those without sin but in my book well worth doing.
      IMHO UKIP will build into a formidable force worthy of fighting England’s / GBs corner.

      The main thing Farage & the ersatz tory party fear is their loss of power via a Gerard Batten, Tommy Robinson & co.

  5. John says:

    Yet again, the main stream media, the police etc al Will not call a spade a spade!
    Not all muslims are terrorists but the vast majority of terrorists for more than the last 20 years have been Islamic!

    When are the government going to address the problem, and not the secondary reactions to the problem?

    Time for a real government, to replace the pathetic appeasers…..

  6. JJ.L.Kay says:

    Why don’t the BBC, the Guardian and the Independent call these people Muslim terrorists, instead of extremists etc etc? Where are the Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh, Jewish, Catholic, Protestant terrorists? Doh! They don’t exist, do they? Who is left? The Muslims, of course, who are re-fighting the Crusades of 800 years ago.
    I don’r exactly love Donald Trump but at least he has banned people from several Muslim countries from entering the USA. Well done him! Our government, the police, social services etc, are pathetic. When will the politically correct admit the truth? When will the ‘liberal’ elite of North and West London wake up?
    Perhaps when the ‘extremists’ start planting bombs in their back yards. According to Diane Abbott, all people who express this sort of opinion are racists and xenophobes. This from a woman who thinks 2+2 =22!

  7. Laura Randelli says:

    Islam is at war with us but the elites refuse to admit it, instead they look desperately for ‘reasons’ for the attacks that do not include koranic exhortations to ‘kill the unbelievers.’ In any war, when only one side is fighting, the end result is predictable.

  8. IAN HENSMAN says:

    We need to see locals taking potshots at them as they come ashore. That used to be the custom in the past when the Bey of Algiers came on a slave raid.
    PERHAPS the Men of Kent and Kentish men should start to follow in the footsteps of their ancestors.

  9. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    HERE I GO AGAIN, but it is necessary to be understood in the vain hope that garbage can be taken away. Well away !
    There are a number of Religions in the world, and many have their origins in the dim and distant past, as well as being of an ethnic importance. Thankfully I am a sensible Christian, but I was intrigued by comments from a Pope and Archbishop of Cof E, that Muslims are worshiping the one God, along with the Jews. With Bible knowledge, I checked out the Koran, and had to come to the fact that if indeed God and Allah were one and the same, then Almighty God had to be a very confused deity ! The message was different as indeed was the authorship, and the picking out of Biblical items for inclusion in the Koran was also telling in the choices made. Then there was a major difference of note.- Islam’s power is fear and death, against Christianity’s love of all humanity. Then there is history to check, in particular sixth and seventh century. On top of that we can compare the lives of Jesus and Mohammad, and when that is done, oops ! Anyone still in doubt should get medical and mental assistance !
    I have known a very decent Muslim family for more than thirty years, and by letting the subject of faith come up naturally, and their recent Hajj experience, I was amazed by the belief that is necessary for them. Jesus is one of their prophets, and they had their turn to ask me about my faith,- If ever that happens, respectfully quote from John’s Gospel as ”I am the way, the truth and the life.- No one comes to the Father but by me.” Be ready to give an answer about more than one God, as The Trinity can throw them !
    In checking the history period for Mohammad, it is possible to get inside his mind.- Knowledge of Alexander the Great would have been known, as the guy who conquered ‘the world’, but it blew away upon his death.- More recent would have been the fall of the Western Roman Empire, that was finally brought to nothing by the attacks from the men of the North, and internal lack of discipline, and so Mohammad came up with a sure fire idea.- Sanctify his gains with ‘religion’, and ensure its continuance with fear and death.- It was a good idea because it’s lasted, now into its fourteenth century ! But there you have it.- Islam is no ‘religion’, but Mohammad’s Insurance Policy, aided by the Hadiths or add-ons to the Koran.
    Now if this is understood, especially by those in Government, the mystique of Religion and the consequent p.c. requirement for a faith should bite the dust, to the benefit of all of us. Religion is not made by the number of its followers, nor is this ‘religion’ able to demand death to those who don’t believe, at least not in Her Britannic Majesty’s Realm ! (Sorry for the length, and Thanks for reading) !

  10. Aelfred says:

    I hope those critics of Gerard and UKIP think again. These islamic terrorist attacks continue until we are out of the EU (and may well carry on little longer until they are crushed in these shores). But they will never end here while we are tied to the EU and don’t have full Brexit. The EU wants mass Muslim migration in order to further its aims. Someone said Islamic extremism is the proxy terrorist wing of the EU.

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