WIPEOUT: Withdrawal Agreement Threatens ENTIRE British Fishing Fleet

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Treason Mays sell-out deal threatens the entire British fishing fleet a concerned skipper has said in a letter published by Fishing For Leave.

David Gair is the skipper of the Aquarius, a Northumberland boat.  He warns that the 2019 EU Discard Ban (Landing Obligation) is “impossible” with a strict quota system in mixed fisheries system.

He explains: “quotas are simply so far misaligned with stocks that there is not enough quota to cover all catches.”

The landing obligation means that all fish caught must be brought ashore. In theory, it is supposed to eliminate the practice of discarding caught seafood before it reaches land. It also means that all catches once landed will be counted against quotas which will continue to be enforced as Britain will remain part of the Common Fisheries Policy even after March 29th.

Gair points out that the landing obligation doesn’t even bother to look at what causes discards of prime fish which “enrages” the public and is “rightly regarded as a “moral sin”.

Despite the warm words from the government, Fishing For Leave predicts that much of the British fleet could be wiped out in “2-4 years” by this “dysfunctional” policy. This is the ultimate betrayal of our fishing communities and of the British people.






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  • 2.9K
  • 2.9K

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5 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Middle ground common sense shows this to be a stupid system, after all, it does come out of the EU !
    I am sure that our fishermen will support UKIP, and this Party must support them, and clearly do !
    It is obvious what action is required. Leave the EU totally. Back our fishermen with our Navy where necessary !
    Looking after our own will require a UKIP Government. Lib/Lab/Con have had their chance and failed !
    Sensible catches and conservation is now required, and that can only be achieved free from the EU’s meddling !

  2. Barry baxter says:

    The gaverment do not give a monkeys about the UK fishing fleet ( what’s left of it that is) they never did. Where I live there used to be one hundred middle Water trawlers, that was 1967 when I first went to sea on them, yes I was a trawlerman and I slowly saw the decline of the once great industry. This was Lowestoft, but it also happened in Hull, Grimsby, and Fleetwood. All thanks to the EU. I thought we were supposed to be leaving on the 29th March, if so why the new rules. Leaving in name only, what I have always siad.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    This just proves the anti British attitude held by the EU, and gives one more reason for our total separation from them !

  4. IAN HENSMAN says:

    I would seriously suggest that after March 29 British fishermen should fish as and when they wish. Remember the COD wars and ARM their vessels for defence. WE then tell the EU enough is enough.

  5. Aelfred says:

    They are our waters not the EU’s. Our fishing fleets should do as other nations have in the past look after themselves. The only fishing fleet that has the right to be in our waters are ours. I also believe pulse fishing is being encouraged in order to destroy our seas for many years to come, so making our waters non profitable to us later on. Then if the EU still exits its fishing fleets will go elsewhere. The EU has long sought the destruction or control of our UK national industries and those of member states. And those outside of it that it wishes to control.

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