GLOBALIST CHAMPION: Merkel Promises To Target Trump

Image: Arno Mikkor (EU2017EE)
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Angela Merkel clearly hasn’t learned any valuable lessons in 2018. The Arch-Globalist and Euro Federalist used her New Years Message to target Donald Trump and fight for the globalist order. Ms Merkel was forced to announce she would resign the Chancellorship in 2021 this year following a series of humiliating election results.

She acknowledged the political difficulty she had faced: “I know many of you have been very much at odds with the government. First we took a long time to form a government at all, and once we had, there was strife and a lot of preoccupation with ourselves.”

However, unrepentant,  she vowed to help transform the European Union into a “tougher and more decisive” unit and to maintain close ties with Britain despite Brexit. In other words, Britain beware, the German Chancellor clearly wants to keep you under close control and she took a clear swipe at the US President.

“The certainties of international co-operation are coming under pressure,” she said.

“In such a situation we must stand up ever more strongly for our convictions, and debate and struggle on their behalf. And we must take on more responsibility in our own interest.”

Clearly, the globalists are going to ramp up the pressure in 2019 and we will have to be ready……


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5 Responses

  1. Pauline Davies says:

    Is Angela Merkel taking up a place farther up the EU chain when she gives up her role as chancellor of Germany?

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    A world Government. – A world Bank. – A world Church ! ….. The Globalists Ideal for the future ! Without digging into the facts too much it would seem to be ideal, does it not ? ….. Of course it will need the greatest number of ‘Concessions’ by everyone, and individual freedoms would have to be sacrificed within Politics, Finance and Faith, but it would all be for the general good, would it not ? ….. The many enforcements by wars and deaths, could all be laid upon the altar of ‘Uniformity and Order’. Wouldn’t it be worthwhile ? ….. If we intelligently read The Bible, this is what is required for ‘The End Times’ ! So are you all ready for that ? !

    • Mark says:

      Ive seen the future, and it one of engineered shortages and rationing. Whole swathes of the country will be deemed off limits for enviro reasons,including large parts of the coastline. Autonomous cars will only go were they are allowed, when there allowed. Its going to be like China, one state of plenty with all the benifits of capitalism for the Establishment and there stakeholder class, and another state which is welfare Marxism. Where everybody who isnt hooked up, is crippled financially by carbon taxes to a Victorian level of wealth distribution. UN Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. Have a read, its chilling stuff.

  3. Aelfred says:

    Merkal is one of those responsible for all the terrible things that are happening to this Country, Europe and the World. Blood is on her hands. As with all world organisations there are revolving doors for the network of EU international criminals known as globalists. Those doors need to be shut.

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