CARRY ON GRAYLING: Brexit Calamities And Train Fare Hikes

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Chris Grayling, Secretary Of State for Transport has had an interesting 2019 so far.

He was forced into the breach to defend the decision by the government to aware a contract worth around £13.8 million to Seaborne Freight to run a freight service between Ramsgate and Ostend. The claim by Graylings department that it  “carefully vetted the company’s commercial, technical and financial position” is beyond laughable. Seemingly they overlooked the fact that they have never run a ferry before. Or maybe they didn’t. Maybe this is the ultimate proof that the so-called preparations for a ‘no deal Brexit are all smoke and mirrors.

The latter suspicion is somewhat confirmed by the backtracking implied in the Department For Transports latest comment“Taxpayer’s money will only be transferred following the provision of an effective service.”

Meanwhile, rail passengers are rightly fuming at the latest fare hike. Punctuality meanwhile is at a 13 year low. No matter who else Grayling wants to blame the simple fact is that they are asking for people to pay more for a service that is getting worse.

The Department For Transport is descending into an outtake from a Carry On film…….how Chris Grayling is still a Minister is a complete mystery.

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4 Responses

  1. Aelfred says:

    The lab/lib/com have more in common with carry on film than a professional political party. Maybe they should bring out a lab/lib/con joint venture productions called “Carry on lying” or “Carry on betraying”

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Mr Dear Darrell, the Carry On series of films were, as far as I know, successful. They must have turned a profit due to them making film after film. On the other hand our Tory Government are clearly useless !
    Maybe they should try making a film. They could call is CARRY ON DOWN THE TOILET WITH THE TORY PARTY !

    • Love Liberty says:

      The success of ‘Carry on’ is a bit tainted in that the government forced cinemas to show UK films on pain of being fined. This was law until 1985.

      The 1960 Act ” Exhibitors had to show registered British quota films for a fixed number of days per year. A fine up to £250 per offence on summary conviction or up to £500 on indictment could be imposed.”

      • MIKE MAUNDER says:

        Thanks for those facts L.L. You have to marry it up with the facts that The Carry on Series produced many films, which can only indicate that people paid to see them, and profit was the result. If that success is ‘a bit tainted’, then lets have more of it ! Profit is what makes business and employment work. If Law tilts the playing field, deal with it to your advantage !
        We have to understand this post Brexit, or this Nation is stuffed !

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