FAKE NEWS: Batten SLAMS Sun Story Saying Tommy Being Lined Up For Leader

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Gerard Batten MEP, UKIP Leader, has slammed a story that was published in The Sun citing ‘senior sources’ within UKIP saying that Tommy Robinson is being ‘lined-up’ as UKIP Leader.

Mr Batten, on Twitter, said that the story is a lie “from start to finish”. It quotes unnamed sources 

“Insiders said plans for a party-wide ballot on lifting the ban for Robinson to join is part of a longer-term strategy to make him Ukip leader so the party can benefit from his huge backing across the country.

“One senior source said: “This is Gerard’s ultimate plan.” Another said: “Gerard only listens to Tommy Robinson. They’re best buddies.

“A prominent figure added: “It would explain why Gerard is so keen to get Tommy Robinson in as a member before next leadership contest, due in April.”

UKIP’s NEC is due to discuss  the timing of the next leadership contest this weekend. Last year, Batten was elected unopposed and he pledged to serve only one year of the usual alloted four year term. In his reply to the article, Batten pointed out that the ‘senior sources’ are positioning themselves ahead of this contest and that any candidate for leader should have “years of loyalty & work behind them”:

In a press release, Batten continued:

“I am focusing all of my energy on making UKIP stronger and pressing Mrs May to deliver the exit from the European Union that 17.4 million Britons voted for. Under my leadership in 2018, the party was rescued from financial collapse, membership rose by over 8,000 and we have risen in the polls. 

“I will do everything I can to continue this upward trend in 2019. UKIP is the only party that stands for a full and complete exit from the European Union.”

It seems regardless of what the NEC says at the weekend, the leadership contest has already started for some and what is more they are launching their own Project Fear.

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11 Responses

  1. John says:

    The Sun is not fit to wipe my backside!

  2. Pauline says:

    I saw the headline but didnt read the article.

    !Illegitimi non carborundum” !

    UKIP – when youre getting flak youre over the target!

  3. ogga 1 says:

    Behind all this is the fear of a Gerard Batten / Tommy Robinson link in any shape of form.
    As for them opposing Tommy Robinson on his past misdemeanors within the party,let those without sin, this is the right time of year for it, step into the spotlight and gives us their reasons, and not snipe and plot from the sidelines.

  4. Carol says:

    They are running scared of UKIP, panic is breaking out so Project Fear/Hysteria/Extreme Terror is in overdrive …. the article is a load of smoke and mirrors and snake oil salesman tripe. Sun is yesterday’s chip papers.

  5. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I like Tommy Robinson and would like him to be a UKIP member. As for him being Party leader as the Sun paper suggests, this is rather like a new recruit in the Army being given a General’s job ! When are we going to smarten up to the fact that apart from the Sun being anti UKIP, they are trying to sell their worthless paper.- Of course they will headline such drivel, and those who buy that paper will lap it up ! It is my own opinion that buying a ‘news’ paper today in the UK, is just a waste of money. I would get more NEWS reported to me if I were to ask my youngest Granddaughter for her opinion upon trade surplus or deficit !

  6. StuartJ says:

    From MyUKIP, on the 2018 Leadership Election applications:
    “In accordance with the NEC’s criteria, on 19 March 2018 applicants must have been a member of the party, in good standing continuously for at least five years. (In the case of MEPs the term good standing is to include regular payments to the party in compliance with the MEP’s charter.) Applicants must also have held office within the party (as a branch officer or higher) AND have stood for parliament for the party.”

    Plus from the ‘declaration’ on the application form itself:
    “I have never been convicted of any offence punishable by a custodial sentence whether or not a custodial sentence was actually imposed”

    So Tommy Robinson has no chance of becoming UKIP leader, as he has not been a ‘good-standing’ member for at least five years, and he has also served time in prison on several occasions.

    This is either shit-stirring by potential leadership candidates, or the ultimate example of shoddy journalism where the ‘senior sources’ are merely people commenting their opinion on blogs, news-sites or social media.

  7. Aelfred says:

    The people want Gerard to remain as leader and to be elected again. I will not vote for anyone else.

    The sun on different occasions has supported labour and Tory. Both of these have dragged us into wars. Mistreated our service men and women. Thrown billions of our money at the EU, covered up Islamic grooming gangs and refused to arrest or deport known terrorists. And are betraying the 17.4 million who voted Brexit. .. But to the msm that doesn’t matter. They just want to continue to attack genuine patriots, genuine full Brexit voters and try to undermine the democratic vote and mandate for true Brexit.

    • Carol says:

      I agree with all you have said; msm seem to have slightly moved away from the racist and far right slurs on the leave supporters, now focussing on labelling TR variously as a far-right hot head, convicted fraudster, not forgetting former EDL etc etc not recognising in their ivory towers that the Great British Public don’t believe a word of it, don’t trust them and is having none of it.

  8. Farranger says:

    I’d like to know who their sources were. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of the more hysterical anti-Tommy crowd in the party are involved in this. Let’s hope not.

  9. Aelfred says:

    Carol they think everyone is stupid and incapable of thinking for themselves. The enormity of their arrogance, lies and viciousness knows no bounds. They can repeat themselves as much as they like but that will not change the facts or truth of the Brexit betrayal and Gerard’s and UKIP’s excellent work leadership.

    • Carol says:

      100% agree with you Aelfred. I also believe that this debacle heralds the end of the old comfy 2 party politics, ‘vote for us because the others are worse’ and Con/Lab/Lib(if there are any?) are shaking in their shoes. I attended a Brexit SOS meeting with Gerard in the chair which confirmed my opinion that he is a real statesman and an excellent leader for UKIP.

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