OPINION: How To Win Elections As A Young Patriot – Redpilling 101

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Across the country, there are many young disenfranchised patriots who want to get involved in politics locally but do not know where to start.

A start would be to look to see if there is a local youth council or something similar which will allow you to understand the local environment better. Many these youth councils hold special elections to posts such as Youth Mayor or Member of Youth Parliament to help young people gain political experience and also the chance to represent the people who also feel the same way you do.

I know it sounds easy red pilling at first but especially with young people today they tend to be very sensitive and react with emotion quickly so get to know the group of people you have joined with and build up a friendship first so then you can start talking about the real issues and not getting laughed at the moment you start talking about how you believe in nationalism, because many of these groups are very “diverse” and “lefty” so tread carefully.

So moving on let’s say its election time and its the time of year the youth group choose its Member of Youth  Parliament or Youth Mayor and you decide to stand, first they will more than likely to be an application process, with the politically correct madness the council wishes to unleash in this election, they will impose impartiality upon the candidate standing and will seek to depoliticise the role. So, to get past that in your application talk about how as a nationalist we support libertarian values such as freedom of speech, direct democracy etc but don’t mention it in a political style because it will raise many red flags quite literally and you will be excluded from the process, make it so it sounds like you are there for everyone and to represent everyone as that is your ultimate aim in the end.

Next will be a speech and this will where you can start to talk about nationalism slowly but still between the lines, the best issues to talk about are mental health issues, crime and democracy and final one is freedom of speech as a bonus point, because many nationalist have strong opinions on these subjects we can use our opinions to make an emotional argument for our cause (without mentioning it in political terms) which will hit the leftist and young people who are part of the group hard because many young people react to emotion more than fact  and if you do this in the correct style you are more then likely to get through to the next stage which is the election itself.

And then when your waiting for the results speak to people if you can to get a general idea of how you have done and with some luck you will have been elected to the position to represent young people.


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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    In my late teens and early twenty’s I don’t think I would have had much of a chance of election, as I was bursting with Communist fervour as the only way that made any sense to me at that time. I remember how my late Father treated my views upon Marx and Engel’s ideas. He was utterly Conservative, but said my views were ‘Interesting’, and when I showed interest in taking driving holidays around Europe, he was most supportive. When I returned home from Bulgaria in the 1960s, he asked how I had got on, and just smiled. It was of course JOB DONE !

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