TAKEAWAY FERRY: Brexit Ferry Company ‘Copied Terms & Conditions From Takeaway Company’

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The ongoing farce of the government award of a contract to Seaborne Freight to provide extra ferry crossings if the UK leaves the EU with No Deal continues apace. Tom Watson, the Labour Deputy Leader, tweeted the below picture of the (now removed) Terms And Conditions on Seabornes website:

It is not hard to see why people have alleged that they were in fact copied from a fast food website. The insistence that the Department Of Transport performed ‘due diligence’ when checking Seabornes credentials is beyond the laughable.

Potentially the real story though is not the bumbling incompetence of the Department of Transport but the lack of seriousness of the ‘No Deal Preparations’ being made by the government. It is all for show. This is why Philip Hammond is simply not releasing any money to any government department. Seaborne wasn’t properly vetted because the government has no intention with following through on a ‘No Deal’ Brexit.

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3 Responses

  1. Jules says:

    Wrong conclusion perhaps ???
    Seaborne wasn’t properly vetted because the government has no intention with following through on a ‘No Deal’ Brexit.

    Most Leavers see little likelihood of a "cliff-edge" of serious delays as:
    i) NO-ONE wants traffic delays – least of all the Mayor of Calais and the boss of Calais Port (they seem willing to repeat this to whoever asks)

    ii) NO-ONE – not even the EU – has stated "what" shipments they would demand be inspected and "why".
    It isn't as if UK product standarsd will drop overnight !

    iii) The WTO make no reuirement for inspections. They are primarily a matter of security, smuggling or safety.

    iv) Inspections are NOT always done at borders anyway.
    Last November, a Dutch Customs Broker told MPs that many inspections are done inland – and when trucks have not not been driven through a series of securityand "sniffer" arches at Rotterdam.
    The Remain MPs were clearly surprised – but seemed to accept it.

    So actually a "No Deal" / WTO Brexit need be no problem ….. unless the French Govt lets the EU "make" Calais hurt !

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    My opinion on all of this, is that the remain mob and our Government, (same thing), has dropped their guard on Mrs May’s Brexit ideas ! It’s a bit like May selling an old car.- She has washed it and polished it so that for an old car, it looks really good, and the hoped for buyer is looking at it with real interest.- Now he wants to drive it round the block, and it wont even start !
    Will someone tell her that our referendum result was to LEAVE.- there was nothing else on the ballot paper except to remain in the EU, and more than a million majority voted to LEAVE ! Therefore what is she wrestling with ? DO AS YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD PLEASE !

  3. StuartJ says:

    This is more to do with our Government’s willingness to hand out taxpayers money to benefit private companies.

    Do a bit more digging, and you will find who has vested financial interests in these companies, usually the people in Government handing the money out, whether they be directors, shareholders or investors.

    There has been a massive siphoning-off of public ‘wealth’ for decades, this is why the ‘elites’ get richer, and why there is less money to spend on public services.

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