GET ON WITH IT! Batten DEMANDS May Deliver Clean Brexit

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Responding to the news that 64% of Conservative Party members back a ‘No Deal’ or a clean Brexit, Gerard Batten MEP has called on Theresa May to simply “get on with it” and deliver the Brexit that Britain voted for as opposition to her sell-out deal shows no signs of wavering.

Mr Batten pointed out that the findings, published by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), show that Mrs May cannot even sell her dismal deal to her own Party members:

“The Tory Party establishment is institutionally europhile, but the majority of their members see through the propaganda smokescreen. The Prime Minister champions a surrender document to the European Union which would turn Britain into a vassal state prepped to take us back in as a full member in a few short years.”

He continued:

“The overwhelming message from the people is clear – get on with getting us out – Brexit means a total unencumbered exit from the EU. UKIP is the only party which backs complete exit and returning Britain to the status of an independent, democratic nation-state.”

MP’s are due to vote on the deal on January 14th but May is coming under pressure from some sources to delay the vote AGAIN. David Davis called upon the Prime Minister to stall for time as a negotiating tactic yesterday. So, we will have to wait and see what happens when MP’s return properly from their Christmas break this Monday…..

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  • 1.7K
  • 1.7K

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4 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Cameron gave the referendum. It gave the result of LEAVE. Nothing more than leave and nothing less. Referendums indicate that the Government are prepared to follow the decision of the people. Two and a half years later, and Government still has not done what the voters have told them to do. ….. The TORY PARTY has been proven useless, with an attempt to change its leader / PM, but succeeded only in giving the PM an unchallenged extra year in office. ….. The LABOUR PARTY will vote whichever way the wind blows their votes, and clearly put their Party ahead of the Nation’s interests. ONLY UKIP IS BACKING THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE !

  2. The Tories have failed on many levels, and have ignored their own people when they should have put them first. They have done untold damage to the British way of life, by not honouring their manifesto promise to control immigration, and have made us second class citizens in our own country. Their manifesto also promised us Brexit, and the 17.4 million leave voters do not accept Mrs. May’s deal, which would result in us being rule takers and not rule makers, still under the dictatorship of the EU. It is a bad deal, and a betrayal of the Brexit vote as well as our democracy. Therefore, Mrs. May must honour what she said to the British people on numerous occasions, “no deal is better than a bad deal”, and a no deal under WTO rules is what she must deliver! Sadly we cannot rely on the other parties in Parliament, as the majority are remainers, but one party we can rely on to speak for the British people, and put us first, is UKIP, and under Gerard Batten’s leadership, they are the party to challenge this government.

  3. Aelfred says:

    Yes Mike and its all on video.

  4. Aelfred says:

    The lab/lib/con have shown that they are working together to betray Brexit. They have no respect for our country, identity, way of life nor democracy. For them it is all about power and remaining in the EU. Those that support that risk enslaving all future generations into serfdom and ignorance. As democracy will be cast aside and opposition will not be tolerated. It is already happing. Which is why UKIP and Brexit are so important to us and the free world.

    Just as we stood alone at the beginning of world war two, so we have stood alone against the EU, but thankfully some nations over in Europe are starting to see the truth about the EU. All in the EU need to realise the EU is an organisation of totalitarian power and suppression. No country needs the EU in any way. All countries would benefit gratefully from the EU’s end.

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