FAKE NEWS: Lineker DELETES Tweet After Government Rebuke

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Arch-Remoaner Gary Lineker was forced to delete an embarrassing tweet in which he circulated a leaflet that claimed a ‘No Deal’ Brexit would see NHS patients suffer from a shortage of medicines and prescriptions would be adversely affected.

He wrote: “Maybe, just maybe, it’s time for a rethink, before time runs out.”


The Department of Health and Social Care swiftly rebuked Lineker, counseling him to “only trust official NHS sources” and expressing its confidence that medicinal supplies would be uninterrupted:

Scouring his timeline there is no indication of any kind of remorse or an admission he was in the wrong. The tweet was simply deleted. It seems that Lineker intends to unrepentant carry on Remoaning…..

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  • 4.3K
  • 4.3K

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7 Responses

  1. Gary Lineker, has been a great footballer ,I wonder if he has ever felt being a bad loser in the game of football if his team lost,. As a staunch remainer of Brexit ,he has in my opinion come out as a very bad loser.

  2. Stanley Cutts says:

    Gary who? Maybe he should stick to kicking a little ball around a field with his brainless mates.

    Stick to what you know Gary, there’s a good boy – that way you can score goals that aren’t your own !

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I DON’T CARE ….. whether Lineker thinks, or doesn’t think ! I do wish he would keep it to himself ! I seem to have been told that he knows about football and crisps, and neither of those things are of interest to me either !
    My Doctor told me that crisps were no good to me, years ago, and my team game with a ball is Rugby Union, so I have little time for this Lineker in any part of my life. Anyway, he’s a drip, isn’t he ? Probably of the Labour persuasion, in public at least !

    • mary says:

      Lineker, plus Stupidity in the form of all the dimwits who crib their political opinions from “celebrities” whom they revere like the Messiah, are a very dangerous combination. I seem to remember last Summer he was peddling his remoaner rubbish and got thousands of “likes” on Twitter.
      What a society we live in that so many people appear to worship these puffed up celebrities and uncritically adopt their views..
      Well I hope that when the EU banks etc begin to fail, the huge bill for all the losses land on his doormat rather than the British taxpayers’.

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