HACKED: German Politicians And Celebrities Data Released In Massive Hack Attack

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Thousand of leaked emails, private conversations and online chats involving  politicians from all the mainstream political parties in Germany have been leaked and published online. Although the populist AfD currently seems to have avoided being part of the leak the sheer volume of the data that was released makes it impossible to tell whether the details of AfD members have been published or not for certain.

Data was also leaked concerning celebrities and major journalists in Germany,

It is unclear who is behind the attack but Germany’s mainstream politicians are already suggesting Russia maybe behind the hack.

German cyber-security analyst Sven Herpigstated said that; “Russia was a suspect, first because of the method used but also because Germany was facing four state elections in 2019 as well as elections to the European Parliament”.

The German Justice Minister Katarina Barley commented that “It was a serious attack, The people behind this want to damage confidence in our democracy and institutions,” she said.

It is unclear what the grounds are for accusing Russia beyond it being the knee-jerk response of pretty much every Western government when something goes wrong. Although it is certainly possible there was Russian involvement, in lieu of any evidence to support the accusation we should keep an open mind as to who was ultimately responsible this cyberattack.

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3 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    German confidentiality is messed up, and Russia is noted as being guilty ! – Well, why not ? ….. I would like to say that I give a damn, but in fact I don’t ! It is too remote for me. – Germany and Russia !
    What is of interest is that earlier today, I wanted to deal with several item from Kipper Central. – All I received upon trying to access the comments, was – ”403 FORBIDDEN ” and it was only on items of Kipper Central ! So what do you recon, Russia ? !
    If anyone knows the code number meaning, do let me know ! I only know enough about Computers to be dangerous !

  2. Aelfred says:

    This look to be interesting. What will the published and what it will not? Any threatening sensitive incriminating information of German pro EU information removed as fast as possible or edited, while AfD published in fall or altered?

  3. StuartJ says:

    -“It is unclear who is behind the attack but Germany’s mainstream politicians are already suggesting Russia maybe behind the hack.”

    Well, they would say that, wouldn’t they? 😉

    Is there any more information on what exactly was ‘hacked’? And how the ‘leak’ was found out?

    As you rightly say, keep an open mind. It is not beyond the realms of possibility that nothing actually happened, and this is just a “fake news” story designed to simply vilify Russia.

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