OPINION: MP’s As Bright As Energy Saving Lightbulbs

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What absolute garbage we have masquerading as MPs these days. The House of Commons has been invaded by a bunch of second-rate twits who seem about as bright as one of those EU ‘energy-saving’ lightbulbs.

If you want an example of this then look no further than the performance of Labour and Co-operative MP, Stephen Doughty who was on talkRADIO recently – and host Mike Graham, to be fair, gave him a bit of a rollicking.

But it wasn’t enough for me. He let the Cardiff South & Penarth member off the hook after several flawed points. For example, Mr Doughty said the EU “decision” should be “put back to the people,” because Parliament is “divided.”

Well, Mr Brain-of-Britain – when people vote again (to leave I have no doubt) – the same anti-democratic prats will be stuffed in our Parliament and ‘probably’ still filling their fat faces with the subsidised food and drink that we pay for!

Mr Doughty reckons so many leave voters have “changed their minds” that he has received  “thousands of letters” telling him so. I laugh as I pen this bit, because I’m sure the proud Brits who wanted out of this dodgy club have now decided it’s better to crawl back and beg these unelected gangsters to let us stay after all. I mean, they’ve treated our PM (and our country) with marvelous respect, haven’t they! (Cough).

In fact, they have shown their true colours – and none of them are welcoming. A black hole is how I view this EU project.

Mr Doughty also said he’s a “Trade Unionist.”

I ever thought I’d see the day when a trade unionist would side with big banks and big business and lick the smelly backside of this corporatist EU. It’s pathetic.

In his “People’s Vote” he wants two options: May’s rubbish or Remain. This is not only shocking, but seriously concerning (and dangerous) – for obvious reasons!

“Leave, what does leave mean?” this could-be rocket scientist also added.

Oh dear.

I’d have asked him, for a start, what Remain means – as there’s no status quo!

Finally (I am now trying not to wet the page with laughter tears), this MP said the one million “wasted” on Brexit should have been spent on “policing.”

Yep, that’d be great.

I’ll leave you to work out the full cost of EU membership and all its baggage, let alone overseas “development” at 0.7 percent GDP, which he supports. It’s slightly more than a million though and could fund an awful lot of public services!

Brexit will return FULL responsibility to our parliament – and over time ensure higher quality MPs/PPCs are on offer. We deserve this, surely.

Some “common” sense (that is rather rare these days) would be a welcome addition, too. But sorry, Mr Doughty – that doesn’t include you!

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5 Responses

  1. Aelfred says:

    Parliament divided on this? That awaits to be seen. What is fact is the majority voted and gave the democratic mandate to leave the EU in full. To have full Brexit. The leaders of the lab/lib/con agreed it was once only vote. And we would leave entirely if we voted to. Well we have, so there are no blurred areas nor understandingly about Brexit. There is the truth we get from UKIP and supporters and the lied from ignorant, corrupt and in many cases very dim low wattage MPs, who are incapable of acknowledging or respecting the democratic process and the result there of.

  2. StuartJ says:

    I wrote to my local Labour MP Steve McCabe (Birmingham Selly Oak) before Christmas, urging him to vote against the withdrawal agreement (WA).

    I received a long and detailed reply, with the basic gist that he did not agree with this WA as it did not deliver Brexit, and “most likely” would vote against it. To be fair to him, he does represent a constituency that narrowly voted in favour of Remain at the referendum, however of the four wards making up this constituency, two voted majority Remain (Selly Oak and Bournville), while the other two were majority Leave (Brandwood and Billesley).
    Source: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/eu-referendum-results-your-area-11536368

    However from his reply, it also appears that having a ‘second vote’ appears to be Labour policy, which is I believe their way of ‘shirking responsibility’ and passing the buck back to the people.

    The trouble is that we supposedly have a representative democracy, however our elected MPs choose to represent their own interests, and those of their party, rather than the interests of the electorate they were voted in to represent.

    The country as a whole voted to Leave, that is the expected outcome.

  3. John Wright says:

    Steven de la Salle expresses himself rather well. I’m not surprised he had to struggle to stop himself falling over in laughter during talkRADIO’s Stephen Doughty interview! Sadly, idiots like Doughty make up the vast majority of our entire contingent of MP’s!, so it is no surprise that our Country is in such a mess! Sadly, what is happening here right now is no cause for merriment & I believe that until we manage to rid ourselves of these leeches, not a lot will change!
    My only hope is that once free of the contamination that is the EU, we will be able to enforce what we’ve been assured is our lawful right!, to opt-out of our now so badly disfunctional parliamentary system & adopt a much more people friendly one?
    Is this just a pipe-dream? I would dearly love to see this happen & therefore invite anyone with ideas as to how this could be achieved to post their views!

  4. Aelfred says:

    That should be “misunderstanding ” 🙂

  5. Aelfred says:

    Elisabeth Truss will not even reply to an email about Brexit. She just has a redirect link, which spouts everything we already know about the governments stance. She has voted ob everything in favour of the EU in the past.

    You can see what MPs have been and are up to on the website

    All MPs – TheyWorkforYou

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