‘PEACEFUL PROTEST’: Labour Organise Protest Against Wigan UKIP Meeting

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Gerard Batten MEP will be amoung the speakers as UKIP Wigan host a major event on January 8th. Nathan Rydings, the chair of Young Independence, Katie Fanning from the UKIP NEC and Paula Walters who is the driving force behind the UKIP Animal Welfare campaign will also be on stage.

However, as is now seemingly customary, the local Labour Party have organised what they promise will be a ‘peaceful’ protest outside the event.


Obviously, they have nothing better to do.

Nathan Rydings commented:

The Wigan Constituency Labour Party planned a “peaceful protest” for the UKIP Wigan event which included myself and Gerard Batten as speakers, however, I find it strange how they are capable of even organising such a protest yet they find it extremely difficult to do any actual work for the people of Wigan. The fact that they took down their planned event on social media just a few short hours after they created it shows just how incompetent and unorganised they actually are. Instead of protesting a social event of a legitimate political party, why don’t they actually start representing the people and do some work, like we’ve been doing all year round?!

However, in what maybe a twist to this sadly all too familiar tale, the Facebook post announcing the picket as seen above seems to have been deleted from the Wigan CLP page. So, have Labour thought better of it? Have they finally come to their senses and realised that their actions are totally undemocratic? One can only hope but holding your breath is definitely not advisable.

You can RSVP the event on Facebook here


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3 Responses

  1. Aelfred says:

    Well done Gerard, Nathan, Katie and Paula. Animal welfare is very important many people of all ages.

    I have have never known any labour nor any anti UKIP groups hold a ‘peaceful’ protest.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    The Labour Party in disarray, and the remain in the EU groups go well together ! Couldn’t organise a Party in a brewery comes to mind, but then do we expect something different ? A collection of snowflakes, drips and morons all together, only makes a mess !

  3. Annie says:

    Any protest Labour organised would never be peaceful they seem to have lost the plot completely, the whole party is a mix match of people who seem to be on different pages of the Labour journal.

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