LEADERSHIP ELECTION: Reports That UKIP Will Hold Leadership Election ‘Later In The Year’

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The Guardian, the newspaper that regularly pillories UKIP and smears its members, appears to be in loops that UKIP members are not. It is reporting tonight that Sundays meeting of the NEC agreed that a leadership contest will be held later in the year.

According to the report;

It is understood Batten has agreed to a plan in which he would formally resign as leader then remain an interim capacity until after the local elections on 2 May.

A “full leadership contest” would then follow.

If true and if it is confirmed then this would seem to be sensible. Mr Batten pledged to stand down as leader 12 months from last April so, in order to honour his promise he could not reasonably stay in his post beyond April. On the other hand, a leadership contest starting in the immediate run-up to what would be the first national test of public opinion post March 29th and the probable non-Brexit BRINO is clearly nonsensical. In this context, asking combatants to wait until May 3rd for battle to be formally joined is not unreasonable.

It is normal political practice that the departing leader stays in office until his or her successor is elected so given the fact that a proper contest cannot clearly take place in the space of one month perhaps it is better to see this as the essential nature of Gerard’s position following an April resignation rather than as an interim leader.

Of course, we have to apply a health warning here. The report is speculative and neither the Chair nor the leader have yet to send an email confirming this to be the case.

UPDATE: Gerard Batten has sent out the below email:

Dear Fellow UKIP Members,

Leadership Contest 2019In February 2018 I was appointed Interim Leader by the National Executive Committee for a period of 90 days, at the end of which period a leadership election was to take place.

It was obvious that the Party’s difficulties could not be resolved in three months. Furthermore, the Party was in no position to afford another leadership election or delay the important reforms that needed to be made.

Therefore, I offered to be the leader for a term of twelve months if I were elected unopposed. No one else sought the nomination, and I was duly elected unopposed on 14th April 2018.

My twelve-month term of office ends at 5 pm on 14th April 2019.

At their meeting on Sunday 6th January, the NEC decided to extend my term of leadership for 18 days until Friday 3rd May. This is to keep continuity of leadership until after the local elections on Thursday 2nd May.

A leadership election will then ensue. I will then make the decision about whether I will or will not run for a further four-year term.

Meanwhile, I intend to do all I can to promote a full and complete exit from the European Union.

Yours sincerely,

Gerard Batten MEP
UKIP Leader



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20 Responses

  1. StuartJ says:

    From Gerard Batten’s email sent out earlier:
    “At their meeting on Sunday 6th January, the NEC decided to extend my term of leadership for 18 days until Friday 3rd May. This is to keep continuity of leadership until after the local elections on Thursday 2nd May.
    A leadership election will then ensue. I will then make the decision about whether I will or will not run for a further four-year term.”

    It would of course be interesting to learn who this “party spokesman” is who has revealed this information to the Guardian, hardly a UKIP-friendly media outlet.

  2. ogga1 says:

    All I can say in all sincerity is may God grant us another four years of Gerard Batten leadership and all that entails.

  3. John Francis says:

    Gerard Batten has been an outstanding leader of UKIP in the most difficult of circumstances.
    I hope and pray that we get a further 4 years of his leadership.

    • Tom says:

      Haha, if driving out most of your MEPs, Lords and the recognisable people that made UKIP successful just to incorporate the far-right is outstanding there must be a pretty low bar.

      • Jim R says:

        Yes, Tom, outstanding. Those fine people you talk of ( as some of them may be) seemed quite content to see Ukip run down to the point of extinction and Gerard’s intervention reversed this, very quickly and securely.
        Almost all of the MEPs did not hand back their list placings as they had previously pledged to do if they left Ukip. For them the bar was set low but they managed to slither under it.

  4. Aelfred says:

    The Guardian, the paper that doesn’t make a profit and relies on pc liberal establishment job advertising to get by.

    I hope Gerard stands, he has my vote for another four years. I advise all members to vote for him. He is the patriots choice, the common sense choice. His record as leader, staff and activist are excellent.

    UKIP had the wisdom to elect Gerard unopposed. I hope they do so again. The proof is in the pudding. Dramatic increase in membership, out of debt and growing in popularity. The anti-democracy remainers are very much rattled.

  5. Carol says:

    Once again the UKIP NEC fails to cover itself in glory, in fact working against the party by revealing information to an anti-UKIP media. As a paid up member of the party I want to see the individual(s) routed out, named and shamed. Gerard Batten is a real statesman and an excellent leader, and I wholeheartedly support him for another 4 years of leadership. I certainly believe there is a swamp to be drained in the NEC and sooner rather than later.

  6. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Although we seem to have a Party Spokesman that connects with The Guardian, of all papers ! – Gerard has taken the correct action by making the news available to all. Personally I hope Gerard decides to stand for election, to continue as UKIP leader.
    I know that there are those who throw a wobbly about Tommy Robinson, and then blame Gerard for losing sight of our number one target of Brexit.- Probably those folk are incapable of self evaluation, and just want membership of a cuddly Party, that is made up of people who are just like them ! INTERNAL DIVISION IS JUST WHAT EU LOVERS WANT ! WIN WITH UKIP AND GERARD AS LEADER !

  7. Rhys Burriss says:

    As I understand the email from Gerard B yesterday on the NEC’s decision to request him to stay in office until after the May elections ~ it seems to me that they ( and the author of this piece today ) have got it the wrong way round.

    The election for Leader should be timed to take place now !, BEFORE the day that Gerard’s current term expires ( by virtue of his agreement to such when last year he took office ) in mid April.

    That is the candidatures should be invited now, with a closing date of maybe end Jan., so that candidates ( including of course Gerard if he so desires ) can during February / March set out their stalls / policies to the membership ( including the issue of whether they do or do not approve of multiply convicted criminal Stephen Y~L being admitted to membership ).

    The vote could then take place postally during the last week or so of March , with the result announced in early April before Gerard’s current term ( by his agreement and , indeed, promise ) expires. Candidates’ Hustings around the country during February and March could even be beneficial to UKIP in provoking local media publicity.

    In this way anyone considering voting for, or rejecting, UKIP at the May locals would know well in advance of the elections whether the Party was to be led by Gerard or some other person. Whoever had been elected Leader would have a new mandate from which to appeal to voters. And a month in which to garner publicity for her / himself and UKIP under the new ( or, possibly, unchanged ) Leadership.

    Asking people to vote for a UKIP candidate when this existential issue remains up in the air is , frankly, an extraordinarily stupid proposition.

    Whether one approves of Gerard ( and his embrace of S Y~L ) or the opposite, I would have thought we could all have agreed that the issue of whether the Party is to continue to be led by Gerard needs to be settled well BEFORE going into the local elections, not after. Even more so if there should be a general election called.

    And there is still time to do that and get the Leadership issue settled !

    Not all of UKIP’s problems are attributable to media bias and the country’s absurd, anti democratic, election system, so it would seem.

    rhys burriss

    • Patrick says:

      I’m sorry but this is utter nonsense, and you give the game away by your reference to SYL. To have a leadership election now in the run-up to BRINO; in the run up to local elections; before GB’s tenure is finished?? A gift to the hostile media: ukip examining its navel while its whole raison d’être is coming to a gruesome(probably) climax? You may not like GB, but you clearly need assistance in the thinking department.

  8. Jim R says:

    I think that Gerard Batten is on course to be one of the most important politicians in the history of our country. He has the vision, experience and perhaps most importantly, the integrity to play a major part in returning sanity and democracy to this nation.
    It is unthinkable for him not to stand for leadership of Ukip or even to retire from the fray.
    Where he goes, I go.
    And, well done to Kipper Central for maintaining and inreasing their support for Ukip

    • Carol says:

      100% agree Jim; Gerard has the gravitas and stance, and demonstrated immense skills in his interviews with the media. This is not the time to have a leadership election – one can only assume it is a suggestion from the so far unnamed “party spokesman” who persists in revealing nonsense to certain areas of the media.

  9. Jean Churchill says:

    If it is his wish, Gerard must remain as leader of UKIP for the stability of the party. Instead, for me, it is the continuing existence of the NEC, certainly with its present incumbents and in its existing format, that is questionable.

  10. Rhys Burriss says:


    Latest polls seem to put UKIP between 3 and 5 % ~ would that be enough even under PR to get us any seats in the European Parliament ? Let alone local elections under FPTP.

    The impression I have is that whilst Gerard’s ( to me extraordinarily bizarre and even repugnant ) embrace of a multiple convicted criminal as his Advisor appears to be supported by some sections of the Party membership, it plays very very badly amongst the general mass of the voting public. The latter, whilst they may not post on Kipper Central , are more important in deciding UKIP’s fortunes than are the former.

    So it loses heavily support from voters who might well otherwise have wished to register a vote in favour of Real Brexit under WTO terms.

    If that is the way the overall membership of the party wish to go : then the sooner there is a Leadership election and we know one way or the other the better.

    It needs to be constantly repeated : there is simply no precedent of which I am aware for any mainstream party in British politics allowing a convicted criminal to be involved in representing itself to the general public ……………NONE !

    Yet Gerard’s very public appointment of S Y~L as his Advisor makes that connection prominent in the public mind.

    Just in the last few weeks the MP who was convicted of attempting to evade penalty points ( a non violent offence, and as far as we know her only conviction ever ) has been denied the Labour whip ~ and within hours of the conviction, even though that conviction might yet be appealed ~ and it has been made clear that she has zero future as a Labour candidate.

    Exactly the same occurred when the LibDem Cabinet minister was convicted of a similar, non violent, offence a few years ago – he has disappeared totally from his former Party’s radar.

    Of all the bad stuff that UKIP has done to itself since the Referendum vote this de facto alliance of the Leader with S Y~L has to be about the single worst instance.

    It is a desperate shame when a Real Brexit party which disillusioned voters could support is desperately needed.

  11. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I have just seen Nigel Farage’s LBC advice of ending his UKIP membership. I understand his point of view, but without any agreement to it, due to an obvious break of outlook held by him as opposed to Gerard Batten.
    I hope that Nigel will be thought well of from the ranks of UKIP, but it seems to me that he holds this Party to the single issue of Brexit, but Gerard is encouraging UKIP to be a potential Party of Government. This seems to be the main difference between Nigel and Gerard ! Government has to be able to deal with many items at the same time, and although Gerard has Brexit as the number one issue, something like Islam, for instance, should be addressed as it will and is impacting with this Nation !
    Just as Labour has a Co-Op section, and Liberals have a Social Democrat section, I consider that UKIP should embrace the other Brexit groups, as they should with us. That way we will have unification upon our common number one issue of Brexit ! Nigel is against us being a ‘Street Party’ and has a problem with Tommy Robinson. OK ! So we have differences, and we all need to face up to that, but let us all pull together to achieve the common goal of Brexit. Why assist our common enemy ?

  12. Pauline says:

    I like Gerard Batten and hope he will consider running as Leader again. He gets my vote.

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