ONWARDS AND UPWARDS: UKIP Public Meeting In Wigan Shows Party Is Back

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The UKIP event in Wigan on Tuesday night hailed a great success despite the Labour Party and  Antifa attempt to spoil it by demonstrating outside. A thank you must go to the police for doing an excellent job at keeping the sad fascists a safe distance away.

Attendance was huge with many having to take a seat in the adjacent room as it was impossible to squeeze any more in.

The night started off with a heartfelt speech from UKIP’s Animal Welfare spokesperson Paula Walters, who has worked tirelessly to spread the word and bring about support for a ban on non-stun animal slaughter. Please can I ask you to sign the petition below to help implement this into UK law. If you are a Facebook user and would love to get involved you can keep up-to-date with the Animal Welfare Group here.

UKIP NEC member, Kate Fanning, was up next with a great and rather flamboyant speech regarding our much improved position under Gerard Batten’s leadership, compared to the previous, disastrous leader, Henry Bolton. Finances, membership and management massively improved and the party is now back to being a contender and fighting force for the people once again.

Young Independence Chair and NEC member, Nathan Rydings, followed on and again spoke positively about Gerard’s leadership and due to his inclusion of internet sensations like, Paul Joseph Watson, Sargon of Akkad and Count Dankula, the youth membership has increased dramatically, quite a positive and impressive move I believe.

Nathan also spoke how our youth love UKIP’s policies, so, all in all, great work and achievement going on in UKIP’s youth section and as he quite rightly put, our youth are extremely important to our future.

James Hadfield-Hyde, UKIP Trafford member and author of ‘Dawn Of The Final Caliphate’ was invited up to speak next. He gave a little insight into his book:

“It clearly and concisely illustrates the innumerable problems Islam faces within itself, without overburdening the reader with scriptural arguments as Imams themselves have struggled to agree over for many years. The book is aimed at enlightening those outside of the faith, as to the chronology of historical facts which has led us to the problems we face today. Jihadism cannot be defeated merely by containment, but firstly, by the removal of political correctness (something I’m sure many of you agree with entirely). Many Muslims seek a modern, and more tolerant ‘Reformation,’ but fear for the consequences if they speak out. It is to them that we must turn; there is hope for a peaceful coexistence only as long as we are all free to speak the truth.”

The final speaker before the interval was Séamus Martin who, along with Nate Rydings, had been elected Co-Chairman of UKIP in Greater Manchester in July 2018. Séamus gave a well-received speech which Gerard Batten later referenced twice in his own remarks.

Séamus emphasised the need for party members to actually stand as UKIP candidates in the forthcoming local elections on 2 May, for which nominations open as soon as 18th March.
He starkly pointed out that last May, UKIP received not one single vote in 159 wards in Greater Manchester, 75% of the total being contested, and no votes either in a whopping 3,864 wards (81%) nationally. Why? It wasn’t that UKIP had lost every last one of its supporters in each of those many areas. It was simply that no one who did want to vote for UKIP could vote for UKIP as there was no UKIP candidate on the ballot paper in their ward.
Séamus stressed the need to turn that around for the 2019 local elections and was able to share the good news that the recovery was already underway locally, with UKIP fielding a candidate in every council by-election held in Greater Manchester since July. He was also able to share the good news that ten new people had stepped up as UKIP parliamentary candidates for Greater Manchester constituencies in the event of a snap general election. And he concluded with a rousing call for members of the audience to “sign on the dotted line” with him as UKIP council candidates there and then during the intermission. By the end of the evening, UKIP had three new volunteers signed up to stand as council candidates in Salford, two in Pendle and one each in Manchester, Stockport, Wigan, Halton and Liverpool.

Finally the moment we were all waiting for, our leader, Gerard Batten to the stage and to rapturous applause. He gave a fabulous speech, totally natural and completely down to earth, factual, inspiring and hopeful. This loyal gentleman is a far different speaker than the party has been used to, he is humble yet empowering to others and genuinely wants the best for UKIP and our country. Pleasantly he doesn’t have the egotistical persona I have witnessed by others. He had the full support of the audience throughout and received a standing ovation.

Questions ensued and of course, you guessed it, the Tommy Robinson debate had to be brought up at some point during the evening. “Do you think far right Tommy Robinson is a positive for UKIP” To which Gerard replied “He is not far right”. He went on to talk about Tommy’s massive following worldwide and how he is more than happy to share our news (in a time of fake news and deliberate slander surely that’s a good media outlet for our party?).

I was also very interested to hear how Tommy did indeed join BNP in 2004 but left very shortly after when, to his disgust, they refused entry to his black friend. A few years later he led EDL but again, left due to it becoming what he felt was far too right. Gerard confirmed in no way would he be associated with Tommy if he believed he was at all racist.

Another guest, yours truly, was very pleased to take the opportunity to thank him personally for his loyalty to the party and for saving UKIP from destruction and hoped he would stand in the forthcoming leadership election. He replied that he was looking forward to retirement and that he believes in bringing new leaders through. His term comes to an end in April but it has been agreed wisely by the NEC that this should be delayed until after the local elections on 3rd of May and he will make a decision then to his future.

I would just like to congratulate Chair of Wigan, Dalila Fearn and her team, for organising such a successful and thoroughly enjoyable event, well done.

Onwards and upwards, UKIP are back!

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  • 858
  • 858

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7 Responses

  1. Dalila Ga Fearn says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words about our meeting. It is a very accurate and brilliant synopsis. We were overwhelmed by the response and I am very disappointed so many couldn’t get in. I had a feeling we would be packed, but never thought so many wouldn’t be able to get in. I will just have to put on another event and make sure EVERYONE has room to get in next time.
    UKIP Wigan rocked on Tuesday and it will continue to rock and everyone in Wigan needs to know we are alive and kickin. If the MSM won’t give us air time, we will create our own and everyone will know we are UKIP, we are here and we are now.
    Gerard has tremendous support in Wigan and the North West and it showed. When I booked that room (where we have our monthly meetings) the landlady had no idea who Gerard Batten was but after the meeting she came over to me and said “what a lovely man, I was very impressed by his speech and we will both be voting UKIP from now on” and many more people have indicated the same since our meeting so it was a brilliant result. I think Gerard underestimates his appeal, but it shines through when you actually meet him so he needs to meet more people from the branches and the public. The meeting has escalated him to top of the tree.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      A face to face with Gerard would be most agreeable Dalila, but being rather house-bound, I can only know him via systems like this, and Radio/TV. – Please understand that in my circumstances, THAT HAS BEEN ENOUGH, for me to have the highest regard for this Gentleman. He is not as bombastic and ‘in your face’ as Nigel Farage, but I hope that he realises that it is precisely that quality that is the ace in his hand. I hope he stays as leader of UKIP, as it would keep this Kipper very happy ! KIND REGARDS TO ALL WIGAN KIPPERS !

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Gerard Batten has much to be proud of, and while on that footing, it is fair to say that I am very proud of him ! He has not ducked out of anything, and saved UKIP from financial disaster, with gentle determination. – His hall-mark as our leader. Well done Sir !

  3. Dave says:

    I don’t even know what ‘far right’ means any more. Not wanting to be replaced in your own country? Because that’s what’s happening. And it’s written in black and white on the UN’s website: http://www.un.org/en/development/desa/population/publications/ageing/replacement-migration.shtml

  4. ogga1 says:

    Brilliant, just hope that gerard can derer his retirement plans for a wee while longer he is a much needed / valued UKIP asset.

  5. John Francis says:

    Great news.
    UKIP must build on this sort of excellent grass roots work.
    Hopefully GB will stay on as leader and continue the good work.

  6. David Hull says:

    I have been a, boots on the ground, most active member of UKIP for many years. I presently hold the position of a branch chairman. I have worked alongside UKIP leaders Nigel, Paul & Henry. I first took part in an action with Gerard on a freezing week day in Rochdale marching & protesting against the dreadful sex acts against young boys etc. A mother of one these young boys was present during this protest & on meeting Gerard she witnessed his true quality. Gerard listened to this upset mother at length. He was noticeably was very kind to her. I detected a greatness in wonderful hard working Nigel & now I detect a equal greatness in this most gentle man called Gerard. He is indeed a leader, a leader that UKIP & the UK has been waiting for & deserves. Gerard Batten, I sincerely ask you not to retire as yet due to unfinished work, but lead & unite us UKIPPERS to save this great nation called ‘THE UNITED KINGDOM’.

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