OPINION: The Luton Warning Or Why We Cannot Ignore The Islam Issue

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1981 was the year before Tommy Robinson was born in Luton. It was also the year before the foundation stone for one of the first purpose-built mosques in Britain was laid in the town. The Census for 1981 recorded that the population of Luton then was 163,208.

By the time of the 2001 Census, Luton’s population had risen to 184,371. The Muslim community was 26,963 (14.62%). The Christian community at that time was 109,973 (59.65%). The White British population was 119,793 (64.97%).

The Census for 2011 shows Luton’s population as 203,201, an increase of 10.21% on 2001. The Muslim community showed an 85.41% increase of 23,028 to 49,991 (24.60%) The Christian population showed a 12.27% decrease of 13,702 to 96,271 (47.38%). The White British population showed a 20.42% decrease of 29,263 to 90,530 (44.55%). There are now, I believe, about 26 or more mosques in Luton.

The obvious trend of those figures is disturbing enough in itself. The statistic that, by 2011, 50,000 Muslims were factually a quarter of the population of Luton, indicates a huge transformation in the native, historically primarily Christian, culture of a substantial Bedfordshire town.

Of course, many Muslims have integrated with, and become beneficial members of the Luton community. Those Muslims are patently not the problem. Indeed, I earnestly hope they will be part of the solution.

The disturbing aspect of the growth of the Muslim community in Luton is that their impact is different from that of the communities of the other religious faiths that have come to the town over the years. Whereas other communities have integrated with, and dispersed widely amongst, the Luton area, the Muslim community has not.

In Luton, as in so many other towns, the Muslim community as a whole, far from integrating, has formed an enclave. My computer dictionary defines an enclave as being ‘a portion of territory surrounded by a larger territory whose inhabitants are culturally or ethnically distinct’. The Luton enclave is clearly illustrated in the graphic below:

The two darkest areas of green, and arguably even the third, indicate where the Muslim community presents as a significant majority (over 70% in some areas) of the residents. Using the arrows to the left or right of the graphic allows comparison with the residential distribution of other ethnic and religious communities within Luton. I think the differences are apparent.

In addition, a troubling feature of the Muslim community in Luton has been that it has historically included militant factions supporting fundamental Islam. In March 2017, The Times reported:
‘Luton has long been known as a hotbed of extremism. It was the base for Anjem Choudary’s banned extremist group and has spawned a string of terrorists.’

Stacey Dooley MBE, the documentary maker who won the Strictly Come Dancing competition just before Christmas, was born in Luton. I think her video of 2013, entitled ‘My Hometown Fanatics’ and reflecting the situation then, was, to say the least, disturbing and thought provoking.

If the 2001 – 2011 percentage changes were to be replicated during the subsequent decade then the 2021 Census would be expected to show a Luton population of 223,948. The Muslim population would rise by 42,697 to 92,688 (41.39%) and the Christian population would decrease by 11,996 to 84,275 (37.63%). The White British population would decrease by 22,116 to 68,414 (30.55%).

Now these figures are straightforward extrapolations of previous trends with all the caveats entailed by that. It is also difficult to estimate the impact that ‘White flight’ will continue to have on the future demographic statistics for Luton.

However, it should be said that the Office for National Statistics estimates for the Luton population in 2017, as being 214,700, place it as directly on course for a similar overall increase of approximately 10% between 2011 and 2021. Will the demographic trends also continue? In time the 2021 census should tell us.

In many areas of our country, particularly in rural regions, the Muslim community is a very small percentage of the population. Understandably I suppose, people in those areas may feel that there is little problem with Muslim immigration, or the authoritarian political and legal nature of the religion of Islam.

They may dismiss the people who live with, and warn about, the realities of these matters as being ‘obsessed with Islam’ or, equally insultingly and mindlessly, as ‘Islamophobic’.

Perhaps they do not know what’s happening in Luton; or in Leicester; or in Slough; or in London, Birmingham, Blackburn or Bradford; or in Brussels, Paris, Stockholm and many other cities in Europe and elsewhere.

I wonder, will they ever heed the Luton warning? And if, or when, they do, will it then be too late?

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  • 975

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10 Responses

  1. John says:

    I’m wondering when a grooming rape gang scandal will be exposed in Luton, I’ve heard rumours that Anjem is involved……

  2. Chris FAREY says:

    The challenge is for muslims to see how ridiculous some of their practices are and hopefully adopt the ‘freer’ ways of the West. I can’t see this happening in the near future. Deep cultural differences exist, and with the Islamic ingrained attitude that women are second class citizens and all Western women are whores, where’s the advantage to muslim men in adopting our ways of respect and equality? If change does happen it’s my guess it will be led by radical muslim women intent on being free. Turbulent times ahead.

  3. Barry Baxter says:

    There are no muslims in my area, or if they are I have not seen them. Where I live is Britain’s most easterly point. But this does not make me unaware of what’s happening in the areas you have mentioned, Luton ect,ect.

  4. Aelfred says:

    A similar demographic could be reproduced for so many towns and cities. And it is all by design. Designed to alienate, disposes and disfranchise the English from their own identity, culture ways of life, history and country. In short a deliberate displacement of native peoples and those who have wanted to and have successfully joined us, in order to pursue the political ideology of the EU and its lab/lib/con advocates. In which they use their instrument that is the ideology of Islam. Many now call it genocide. I agree with that.

    I have relatives in London and Northern England. We have experienced this first hand. And seen it happening in many other places. This must be stopped. It is destructive by design. Future generations will be thrown into civil unrest on a scale unimaginable if it is not. It is not just happening in England and Britain, the EU is organising this violent demographic change by genocide over in Europe.

    I have non-English relatives and friends. They show more understanding and support for us and UKIP than the lab/lib/con parties and establishment who no longer represent us nor democracy in any way.

  5. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    YES HOWARD, IT WILL BE TOO LATE ! ….. Statistics can prove anything, except these figures come from The Office for National Statistics and are backed by Census detail. Not much is new, for the trend of ‘different’ immigrants wanting to associate, and live with each other has been seen before, and in time the ‘enclave mind set’ usually softens with integration !
    Islam does not conform with integration, as seen with other groups ! Islam is not a ‘religion’, and if checked out from Bible and Koran, it will be seen that the power behind this belief is internal fear. Muslims have many totally decent folk, but even they have to believe in a set of nonsense, which is Mohammad’s Insurance Policy, now in its fourteenth century !
    Only fools will overlook the facts ! Historically, the British have acted decisively against foreigners wishing to invade our country, but those enemies have used military force.- Islam uses insidious creep !- They out breed us, and use our own Laws of tolerance against us knowing full well that we don’t have a weapon against that. RESULT – MOHAMMAD GAINS POSSESSION OF UK/GB, and the true and only Almighty God turns away from this Nation, as we have allowed in a false god. You don’t believe ! ?- The result is the same !

  6. StuartJ says:

    On similar maps, you can clearly see the same happening in my home city of Birmingham:

    It is almost chilling to compare the maps for Christianity and Islam – the ‘integration’ is just not happening here. We have our own enclaves here, areas such as Sparkbrook (where I work), Sparkhill, Small Heath, Balsall Heath, Alum Rock, Bordesley, Highgate, Washwood Heath, all with high numbers of Muslim residents (all obedient Labour voters too).

    Sparkbrook has become an enclave though mainly for African Muslims, and to an extent so is Small Heath, while the other areas I mention are predominantly Pakistani Muslims. When it comes to Muslim extremists “from Birmingham”, you’ll often see Sparkbrook or Sparkhill mentioned in the news reports.

    Thankfully I know that Birmingham is more than just these areas, and there are thankfully a great number of decent people who live here. But ‘outsiders’, who see images of the shiny Bullring Shopping Centre, New Street station or the Library Of Birmingham, think that Birmingham is some klnd of multicultural ‘vibrant’ paradise, and what actually goes on in areas like Sparkbrook couldn’t possibly be happening. I doubt many of the coffee-sipping hipsters from Moseley ever take a short trip to Sparkhill to see for themselves.

    The Luton warning was sadly ignored.

  7. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I’m sure that my comment here will annoy the majority of folk that read Kipper Central in 2019, but, …………….
    It is a fact that the majority of Christians in this Nation, are ‘In Name Only’. Attendance in church is very poor. The quality of leadership could do with being better, and the concept of Worship and Bible Study is at an all time low. Faith is minimal !
    The greatest Commandment is to Love The Lord Your God ! The operative word is LOVE. Now see the Islamic way, which is Institutional Fear, but keeps the Mosques busy and full ! ARE WE SURE THAT ISLAM’S HOLD IN THIS NATION IS REVERSABLE ?

    • Mark says:

      Mike, I agree with everything you have said above.

      • MIKE MAUNDER says:

        THANKS MARK ! In the same way that Parliament has to be corrected by the people, because our ‘turkey MPs’ will never vote for Christmas themselves, so the matter of Religion is in the hands of the people. It will not be a quick fix, it will require time and effort, with genuine interest. If this takes place, then the advance of Islam can be halted, hopefully bloodlessly !
        If this does not take place, then at some point in the near future, it will be noticed that employment will be frustrated for the non Islamic folk, and the professions as well as local and National Government will become Islamic.- People and ethics !

  8. Aelfred says:

    I don’t think most Christian are in name only. Christianity is a very large part of our history, laws, statutes, constitution and way of life. Most traditional Christian days still regular have high attendance, of course not as high as 50 years ago. I agree the heads of the Church have been pc politicised and should not be allowed to hold those positions. I firmly believe that most of still hold Christian values. But are held back by reverence any more and see as more individual thing than institutional. Whereas Islamic extremism does not believe in the individual. Christianity is not just about peace and love Christianity asks us to defend the weak and downtrodden. So we must stand up against Islamic extremists and the EU just as our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents did no matter the task. And and without the bulwark of our Christian heritage we would already be under the total control of Islamic extremists. This must never be allowed to happen.

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