OUTRAGEOUS: Khan Breaks TFL Rules To Promote People’s Vote

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Remoaning Sadiq Khan is at it again. Following on from the New Years Eve fireworks being turned into a massive promotion event for the EU he has now flouted Transport For London rules to plaster pro-People’s Vote propaganda in London Underground stations across the capital.

TFL rules clearly state that advertising is “unacceptable” if it promotes a “political party or cause“.

UKIP London Assembly member David Kurten hit-out at the Mayor:

Alastair Campbell boasted about the messages on his Instagram. He said that the ads were a “marvellous” message for MP’s to see as they alighted at Westminster tube station as they continue to debate the sell-out Withdrawal Agreement.

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  • 9.7K
  • 9.7K

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6 Responses

  1. Frank Guest says:

    What else can you call it other than corruption!
    Like MPs & the House of ‘Lords’ who for the most part care not one jot for the population.
    Khan thinks he will get away with it because of his position.
    He only cares for his opinion & no one elses

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    We live in an age of selective rule ‘adjustment’. Khan has no idea of the basics to Democracy, and that spills over to all who are wanting a second referendum ! Consider this.- A second vote would make the precedent for, as an example, at a General Election with a Labour win it would be in order for the demand of the other Parties to have a second vote utterly respectful, as precedent would have been set !
    Majority rule (Democracy), would be abandoned.- This in turn would result in lower voting turnout as the people lost faith in the system, and the eclipse of Democracy ! We might as well go straight to Military Government or Dictatorship.- Is that what we truly want ? By all means have a second referendum in about ten years, if there is still an EU in being !

  3. John Cookson says:

    Place an FOI to London and ask who paid for those signs and how much and who authorised it!!

  4. Aelfred says:

    Kurten would make a very good Mayor.

    Khan is a well known friend of Islamic terrorists and has allowed London to become a murderous city. Where people take their lives in their own hands every time they step outside or even stay inside. All that money being wasted on the ridiculous idea of a second referendum is a waste of money. It should be spent on cutting crime. It is one the incompetent Khan’s vanity projects. He would rather see people murdered and suffer crime than take money away from his peoples vote scam. Khan wants to remain in the EU so more of his ideology are allowed entry. That is the truth of it.
    A vote for Khan is a vote for more murders and crime in London. And outside of it. He has caused enough already during incompetent time in office.

    Campbell was not an MP in Blair’s open door ‘immigration’ government. Yet swanned around like he was air to a medieval royal throne. Threatening and bullying everyone. And found to be an utter liar and incompetent.

  5. Moxley says:

    Think he’s waiting to become a dictator of our country….He is part of The Enemy Within

  6. Mark says:

    Just testament to how thick the London electorate is now.

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