EXCLUSIVE: UKIP PPC For Grantham & Stamford BLASTS Boles

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Marietta King, the UKIP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Grantham & Stamford and member of UKIP’s NEC, has warned embattled sitting Conservative MP for the seat, Nick Boles that he is “not the only person” who can represent the seat. Boles is facing internal opposition from within his own Party over his support for a ‘Norway-style’ Brexit. He advocates that the UK remain in the single market and leave it subject to freedom of movement and voted against the Government twice to prevent a clean Brexit.

Responding to a alleged plot to have him deselected he said“The chairman and officers of my local association demand that I submit to the views of the most extreme Brexiteers in our party, many of whom are former members of Ukip and only joined the Conservative party in the last few months,” he said in a message on his website. Well I won’t do it. I won’t be bullied.”

Grantham & Stamford voted to Leave by 61%. Commenting on the threat made by Boles to resign the Conservative whip if the government backs a clean Brexit, Marietta King said: “It appears that Nick Boles feels he has much greater wisdom than his constituents and feels he can ignore their instructions.”

Sadly, Mr Boles is one of many in Parliament who have now decided to set their will against the wishes of the British people……

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5 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Such arrogance is wide spread with our ‘representatives’ in Parliament, but are they the ones to blame ? ….. They only get to Westminster upon the votes of the people, so therefore would it not be correct to say that it is the People who are to blame ? !
    I am no Tory, but I have voted for one in my home town. The reason for that is the fact of our MP, being an excellent constituency man. Last year I had to advise him that he would not be supported again by me, due to him being in the Tory Party, which is now proved to be utter rubbish. He can always seek membership of UKIP, but I haven’t seen any pigs flying recently !

  2. Pauline says:

    No he won’t be bullied but he is willing to ignore the Referendum result! He’s another arrogant sanctimonious EU sockpuppet! Deselect him!

  3. Frank Guest says:

    ‘Swine at the trough’ ~ they don’t even care if they are thrown out as they will still be paid the parliamentary pension regardless of how bad a job they have done at representing their constituents….

  4. Mike. says:

    Another remainer who will have to have to look for alternative employment in the near future I feel.

  5. Richard Day says:

    He and plenty of others should be deselected. The fact that they haven’t been tells us all we need to know about the Tories. Why did they sign us up to the UN migration pact?

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